Travel in India

With its tiger-filled national parks, breathtakingly ornate architecture, laid-back sandy coastlines - and oh-so-many delicious things to eat - India offers everything you need for a world class holiday. But where do you begin?! This is not a compact country, and you could visit a dozen times without crossing your own tracks.

India Holidays

Your perfect India itineraries (we predict there will be more than one!) will depend of course on your interests, but wildlife tops the wishlists of many visitors. India is highly biodiverse, and there are national parks all over the country. The safaris are especially satisfying in Madhya Pradesh, where we also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and unique architecture.

Rajasthan - another excellent destination for wildlife-spotters - is famous for its Bengal tigers, along with fabled cities such as Jaipur, its romantic pink stone buildings glowing in the sun, and Jodhpur, whose historic centre is painted a deep Brahmin blue. Away from Rajasthan’s famous sights, you'll find ancient towns, rocky valleys inhabited by leopards, and excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Head to Uttar Pradesh for Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal, every bit as majestic as its reputation - you'll be sharing it with many other admirers, of course, but this doesn't spoil the experience. Some of India's most sacred sites are here - witness funeral pyres beside the Ganges in Varanasi, one of the world's oldest cities, and explore the spectacular Islamic architecture of Lucknow, which we also recommend for its amazing streetfood!

If you're dreaming of yoga and blissful beaches, you may've heard of this nice little place called Goa, which is on India's south-west coast. Whether you're picturing a lavish beachside suite or an undeveloped slice of paradise, we can show you the perfect place. The neighbouring state of Kerala has a similar arty laid back vibe, and both are excellent for a spot of carefree rejuvenation.

For a quintessential taste of urban India, however, dive into Delhi - a merging of eight cities, this sprawl is so vast that plunging straight in is the only way to tackle potential overwhelm. We recommend taking your first steps in historic Old Delhi, with a trusty local guide on hand to share the favourite local flavours, and teach you how to dodge the free-roaming cows...

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