Indonesia Holidays

Only (!) 6,000 of Indonesia’s 17.5k islands are inhabited, but its people represent all creeds, with countless traditions, and the influence of many global cultures. Such diversity makes for an intriguing destination, not to mention excellent choices at dinnertime...or any meal/time of day, for that matter!

Indonesia holidays are a joy for us to tailor, because we can always find something there to suit a given individual. Whether you’re drawn by the prospect of extraordinary diving, hiking up active volcanoes, seeing orang-utans in the rainforest, or island-hopping on an elegant boat, a holiday in Indonesia will let you sample everything that South-East Asia has to offer (there are even cool mountain regions where you can escape the tropical climate!). And we haven’t even mentioned the evocative religious sites, remote tribal cultures, the awe-inspiring volcanoes… The list is endless, and offers such an authentically Asian travel experience; where else can you start the day with a fish curry breakfast and end it with satay sticks from a streetside grill? And after all that adventure, you'll need somewhere to relax, and nowhere does spas like the spas in Indonesia.