Vietnam Holidays

This is a country so versatile that we can tailor a holiday to Vietnam around virtually any interest or travel style. Its coast and islands strike a superb balance between idyllic and accessible, with good infrastructure and a raft of excellent hotels that range from unusual little boutiques to famously sumptuous spa resorts.

Inland, adventurous types will find trekking and cycling in a stunning landscape of picturesque lifestyles and mountain scenery, while the riverways of the Mekong Delta offer a taste of a unique floating culture that’s all about life on the water.

Food throughout Vietnam is fantastic - we love to wander the streets of Hanoi, sniffing out the perfect bowl of fragrant pho from a pavement vendor, and immerse ourselves in Vietnamese cookery classes, so we can recreate our favourite dishes (as best we can!) when we get back home. 

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, once you’ve dragged yourself from the streetfood, are both known for their charming French Colonial architecture, with several impressive buildings now converted into stylish hotels. Chic travellers can shop in the silk boutiques of Hanoi’s artisan quarter, and for tailor-made suits in Hoi An’s buzzing markets, while coffee-lovers can linger over a sweet ca phe da in one of the trendy coffee shops that have sprung up throughout the country.

Vietnam is spot on for a honeymoon - you certainly won’t need to leave anything to chance, thanks to its well-established travel industry, but most of its gorgeous tropical beaches are still uncrowded, and if you look in the right place you’ll find some extraordinarily romantic accommodation.

And if you’ve already started a family, Vietnam is an excellent place to bring them on holiday! The beaches are clean, the country is safe, and the coastal hoteliers are clever about offering activities for everyone, without encouraging everyone in the world to cram themselves onto one stretch of sand. The National Parks have good trails that are well signposted, so exploring tropical nature with your youngsters is also very feasible here, too.

In all, Vietnam is a beautifully balanced, scenic country with great beaches and an excellent range of accommodation. If you’d like to know more, have a look at our recommended itineraries and get in touch to see how we can modify them to suit your requirements.