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The word 'team' has always been central to our philosophy. Our Destination Specialists take a collaborative approach, each adding their own unique set of experiences and observations into the mix. You'll be working with the same specialist, as much as is feasible, from the word go, providing you with consistency and tailored advice. All of us have close working relationships with our colleagues and partners across Asia, ensuring that you benefit from the best local expertise with the added advantages of a UK-based team.

The word 'specialist' is crucial, and it's no flippant vanity title. Our Destination Specialists have really — we mean really — travelled throughout Asia, and we keep encouraging them to return to learn more. Each started out as a starry-eyed backpacker, so they understand the complexities of travelling independently, as well as the potential joys of taking different paths. Our relatively limited number of destinations means each Specialist can focus on finding out exactly what's worth experiencing (and what isn't!).

We’ve always felt driven by the notion of being greater than the sum of our parts. We used the inescapable 2020 hiatus to reimagine the way we work and our company structure. Making lemonade from life's most unexpected lemons, if you will. You can learn about our journey to becoming a self-managing organisation in the video below.