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Weather & when to go: July

Our best destinations in July


Favourable weather conditions combined with school holidays make July a popular time of year to visit Borneo. Expect warm sunny days, blue skies and minimal rainfall throughout Sabah and Sarawak.

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Western and central Indonesian islands, such as Bali, Komodo, Lombok, Flores, Java and the Gilis are now in peak season with sunshine and little if any rain is expected throughout July. Sulawesi is also expecting good weather.

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In July the east coast of Malaysia enjoys plenty of sunny, dry days whilst the west coast islands is experiencing hot and humid conditions, interspersed with short, intense downpours. This is considered peak season and so visitor numbers to Malaysia are at their highest during this month. 

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Also expecting good weather conditions in July

Sri Lanka

July sees a slight improvement in weather conditions in the south and west of Sri Lanka as the summer monsoon eases off, especially as the month progresses. The north and east coast continues to enjoy plenty of sunshine during July, with temperatures in the mid-30’s…

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Whilst not the peak month for weather, July is still a good month to travel in Vietnam. The beaches in the centre are dry and expecting plenty of sunshine, however there will be rain in the north and south…

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Destinations with mixed weather conditions in July

South Korea

Summer is here! But summer in South Korea can bring torrential monsoon rains, so make sure you pack an umbrella. More than half of the country’s annual rainfall comes down in July and August, and July sees the brunt of it. The humidity levels can be high, and it may feel muggy and uncomfortable as the temperatures begin to creep towards the high 20s - with 27°C the likely maximum in Seoul...

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July will see a further increase in rain and temperatures will start to drop a little (avg temp: 27-31°C), a welcome relief from the mercury busting highs of previous months. As the month progresses, rainfall will increase with short daily showers likely to become more prolonged as you move towards August. Conditions on the beaches and islands of the Thai peninsular will vary. Visit the west and you should expect rain, at times heavy, whilst on the east coast on Koh Samui and its neighbours, a little rain is expected from time to time...

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Tibet enjoys warm summer temperatures throughout July, ensuring it’s a popular time to visit. But July is also one of the wettest months of the year, especially at night, and that can impact on travel especially to more distant parts of the country. Trekking is unsuitable due to mud, and cloud often blocks the mountain peaks from view unfortunately. In the cities however, there is still much to enjoy, such as temples fragrant with incense, and bustling local markets...

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Destinations expecting poor weather conditions in July


The humid monsoon season is at its peak during July in Bhutan. The kingdom sees more rain than any other part of the Himalayas, and some of the most popular destinations such as Thimphu and Paro are heavily affected at this time of year. If you do plan to take advantage of an off-peak visit to Bhutan in July, you should be aware that those mind-blowing mountain views can be hard to find, and trekking will be a very muddy affair.

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The weather in Nepal in July can be summed up in one word: wet. Monsoon rains fall on an almost daily basis in most parts of the country. Places like Pokhara and Chitwan are very wet and best avoided. If you don't mind temperatures in the high 20s, it's still quite possible to visit the cultural temples and bustling squares of the Kathmandu valley as mornings are often dry. Certain parts of the trekking circuits sit within the Himalayan rain shadow, so get very little rain, so trekking is still possible if you know where to go...

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July promises premium trekking and cultural touring conditions in the north, making it an exciting time to lace up your boots and get into the foothills. Elsewhere it’s wet or too hot. Or both!

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The rain continues throughout July in Cambodia, although dry days are still common. Temperatures are gradually dropping, making the days more comfortable, with average temperatures around 27°C.

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July in Japan sees some sunny days, both in the north and south with elegant mountainous landscapes on show in Furano and beach locations with snorkelling and surfing options available in the south and Okinawa.

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During July in Laos you can experience high rainfall and temperatures in the mid-20’s°C, making travel to the more remote regions of the country difficult at times although road conditions have generally been greatly improved in recent years. Conditions in Luang Prabang and Vientiane remain moderate with the rain usually lasting just a few hours and often at night or early morning (avg temp: 24°C).  The southern highlights such as 4000 Islands, Bolaven Plateau and Champasak also remain very accessible and enjoyable...

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Rainfall begins to peak as the month progresses, with heavy rains expected throughout much of the country as the south-western monsoon increases in intensity. Temperatures remain high across the country (averaging highs of 27 - 30°C), but rainfall is also high.

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