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Luxury Airside Lounge Passes

From as little as £20 - start your journey the way you want it to continue...

Now your holiday is in the diary and that delicious sense of anticipation is building, it’s time to choose the finishing touches for your journey. For some it may be a new bikini, others may opt for that essential set of Aspinal luggage. Many of the team at Selective Asia turn their attention to what we lovingly refer to as 'airside'.

Whilst you might not think of ‘getting there’ as the nicest part of travel, we’re convinced that, done right, the entire holiday experience can be special from the moment you close your front door. For those flying in the premium cabins, access to an exclusive airport lounge is typically part of the ticket price; however for economy travellers, finding a relaxing corner in the airport can often be far more challenging.

Selective Asia can offer airside lounge access at 26 UK airports, and with lounge pass prices from as little as around £20 per person, it’s a lot more affordable than upgrading your flight to business class.     

You shouldn't fear 'airside'; make it part of the experience! A little personal space, good wifi and a refreshing drink can really take the sting out of that 3 hour check-in.


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What do you get for your money?

First and foremost, airport lounges are designed to promote relaxation and eliminate the stress so often associated with airports. But it doesn’t stop there…lounge access includes a dish from a tasty bistro menu, as well as complimentary light breakfast options before 11am. Access also includes hot and cold drinks, beers, wines and spirits from the fully stocked bar. When you consider how much a glass of wine and a sandwich can cost at any airport, booking a lounge pass can often save you money.

Please speak with your consultant well ahead of your departure if you would like to book your lounge access.

You can select and book your chosen lounge pass here

Beyond the UK

Whilst this sounds like an appealing way to begin your holiday, we understand that sitting around a departure lounge for several hours at the end of a holiday can be a flat finish to an otherwise amazing trip. However, Selective Asia can also offer airside lounge access at numerous airport terminals throughout Asia, from Siem Reap to Saigon; Taipei to Tokyo.  

This is also worth bearing in mind if you have a lengthy wait when connecting between international flights. Trying to while away several hours in transit at Bangkok airport can be soul-destroying (says the voice of experience).

And, not forgetting our internationally based clients for whom we can book airport lounges in the US, the UAE and most European airports.

Whilst lounge standards and facilities vary across airports, it's always fair to say that a private lounge smooths over what can otherwise be a stressful start, a lengthy layover or a flat finish to a holiday.

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