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Selective Asia is proud to be a founding signatory of Tourism Declares - a group of like-minded travel organisations who are collectively declaring a climate emergency, and (crucially) acting to reverse it. We have committed to be open about our impact on the environment, to actively reduce this, and to develop a more sustainable industry by advocating positive change. We are also a signatory and launch partner of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

As part of Tourism Declares, Selective Asia:

What have we done since signing Tourism Declares?

We have always strived to be better and do better. In the past few years, and despite the obvious challenges created by the pandemic, Selective Asia has overhauled all operations, putting sustainability at the core of what we do. We are committed to representing our progress honestly and transparently and actively seeking external assessment and guidance. After an 18 month application and assessment process we have become B-Corp certified, have begun developing a thorough carbon monitoring system, selected a new partner who we believe will help us make a real difference by mitigating our carbon impact more effectively, and committed to be advocates for change in our industry.

Our Climate Action Plan

To tackle the issues created by travel, we have put together a clear and achievable climate action plan. Our approach is informed by four elements: measure, reduce, mitigate and communicate. We want to use carbon benchmarks and goals so that we can comprehensively monitor the impact of your trips and the running of our company. We aim to achieve the goals established below by August 2022. 

Measuring our carbon impact | in development

We are developing a thorough method for monitoring the carbon impact of our trips, from flights to local transport, and eventually including accommodation impact, too. Not only will this help us choose the correct mitigation, but will also let us advise clients of the impact of each segment of their trip, enabling them to make carbon-conscious decisions and reduce their overall footprint.

Reducing our carbon impact | ongoing

To limit our carbon impact as far as possible, we are advocating good practice internally and measuring our own operational usage, and actively helping our clients to choose more low-carbon options (for instance, fewer internal flights, and optimal routes that minimise transport use).

Mitigating the impact of our holiday’s carbon usage | up next

After comprehensive research, we've chosen C-level as our partner to mitigate the carbon impact of our trips through reforestation projects in Asia. Each holiday we sell will automatically include this, and Selective Asia will add a further contribution. 

Communication | ongoing

We've always communicated about our destinations with honesty, and we extend this to clear open communication about each holiday’s carbon impact and overall sustainability performance, along with a company-wide bi-annual carbon report of all holidays taken.