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Sri Lanka Holidays

Holidays in Sri Lanka have been quietly up & coming for a few years now, and the island is really blooming as a destination with the capacity to delight all but the moodiest visitor.

Sri Lanka’s 833 mile coastline is full of delightful beaches, which range from fun and sociable to quiet and undeveloped. Its wildlife is gobsmacking, too - you can encounter hundreds of species both on land and underwater, thanks to world-renowned National Parks and excellent diving all around the coast. The island also has a startlingly rich cultural heritage, with dozens of impressive ancient sites open to the public.

Add to this a warmly welcoming people, irresistible cuisine, year round tropical sunshine (the island has a dual monsoon system - read more about Sri Lanka’s weather here), and a calendar of lively festivals, and you have one tempting offer. It’s all relatively close together, too - Sri Lanka is only nine hours drive from tip to tip.

Those in the know insist on a number of choice stops in their itinerary. Beautiful Galle, the fortified Colonial capital of the Southern Province, should be on any first time visitor's list. Six other World Heritage sites include some seriously eyebrow-raising ancient engineering, and some of the largest Buddhist temples ever built.

Wildlife enthusiasts will revel in National Parks like Yala and Uda Walawe, with their populations of leopards, Asian elephants, langurs and lorises, amongst a huge list of species. There's even a small rainforest biosphere, now protected by UNESCO. When the lowlands get too hot, you can wander up into the moist green hills to explore picturesque tea estates, mountain ranges, Buddhist pilgrim sites, and the jungle-clad city of Kandy, where you can enjoy the old antique shops and a great selection of restaurants.

We happily recommend Sri Lanka for honeymoons - it’s unusual enough for you to feel like you’re not following the crowd, but has the luxury accommodation and reliable infrastructure necessary to make your trip special for the right reasons.

Whatever your reason to visit, we have several travel specialists who know the island well and love it like a second home - give them a call and they’ll help you plan your perfect holiday in Sri Lanka.

And then, there's the Maldives...

Whilst Sri Lanka is hardly short of beautiful beach resorts of its own, why not consider a stop in the Maldives to add that extra touch of sparkle to your holiday? These idyllic tropical islands are an easy beach bolt-on to your Sri Lanka itinerary, and they tick all the boxes for the ultimate luxurious start (or finish) to your travels. 

It’s time to go back to Sri Lanka

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Selective Asia’s founder Nick has recently been in Sri Lanka spending time with our ‘in-country’ teams and local guides to get a first hand understanding of Sri Lanka’s security situation, and start mapping out a recovery plan with the team.

If you're unsure whether Sri Lanka should be in your plans, or if you'd like to find out more about the current situation, we urge you to read Nick's insights for a well-rounded, first-hand report