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Carbon mitigation

We know just how important it is to reduce the carbon impact of our holidays , but with an increasing number of reports casting doubt on the benefits of carbon mitigation, we don't have the necessary clarity and confidence on this approach that we would ideally like.

Given that we know it’s a subject that divides opinion, and we certainly don’t purport to be experts, we do not feel it is appropriate to include the cost of a mitigating project to balance your flight carbon as a default. 

We have, however, done the groundwork and research to identify what we believe to be one of the leading mitigation solutions and provided you with the tools to add this to your booking should you choose to do so. 
However, to be clear, this isn't a case of paying a fee to sweep the problem under the carpet and give us all carte blanche to stampede through Asia.
If you are choosing Selective Asia because we're a conscientious operator, you may also be keen to consider further reducing your carbon impact using the ideas that we provide to help enable this.

We recommend using C-Level. They work directly with environmental scientists and communities in vulnerable habitats to develop functional ways to make conservation profitable for local people. They then channel carbon mitigation payments directly into these projects. It sounds straightforward enough, but a lot of thought, science and economics go into it. We think it's worth every penny.

How your mitigation contribution would be used

To be certain that your action is making a verifiable difference and to protect your investment over the long-term we’ve chosen to partner with C Level and support the Khasi Hills project in Meghalaya India. Tangible impact is across the tri values that define Carbon Balanced certification: action on carbon (verified and to the highest standard under Plan Vivo), action on forests (both protection and restoration of forests and ecosystems), with communities (all C Level projects deliver full agency to indigenous local communities and support sustainable livelihoods). This ensures world-class community development in India, built around carbon removal.