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We’re taking travel to a better place.

We could probably think of a thousand different ways to see Asia, but in our book there's only one way to travel — and that's with respect for the people and places you visit. There's a right way and a wrong way to do tourism. We're determined to get it right, because we know that if we don't approach travel in a thoughtful way, it loses the magic that we're seeking, and that begs tough questions like whether one should even travel at all.

Ethical words are easy to write, but we all know that actions speak louder — so Selective Asia makes sure that every holiday we create is designed according to practical policies with clear actions and behaviours attached to them. The wellbeing of children, habitats and wildlife are paramount, so we put them first with strict actionable protocols which determine every choice we make. We work hard to ensure that our travels benefit the people and communities you visit.

Limiting the impact of overtourism is absolutely crucial, and underpins our entire approach to responsible travel — if we believe that sending you somewhere will cause harm to that place and its people, we won't do it. It's as simple as that. There is (of course there is!) ever more to be done, by all of us, to get travel right, but we are sure that it's possible. We believe we can get there if we keep on taking the next steps, and keep on seeking the best path to those all important horizons.

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Communities are at the foundation of our entire operation — local insight is the essential ingredient of every Selective Asia holiday. So we take an inclusive approach that enables everyone — you, your guides, our team — to participate in decision-making.

Our carbon overview lays out measurable steps and practical ways for us (and you) to minimise the carbon impact of your holidays, and maximise the value of every air mile (and road mile, and meal).

When representing the work we do around responsible travel and sustainability, it is imperative that we are honest and transparent in our commentary.

In May 2022 we were proud to become a certified B Corp, ensuring that going forward we consider people and the planet before profit when it comes to making choices and selecting our path . And because we all have a part to play, we've put together some recommendations that should make it simple for you to travel responsibly and still have an excellent time. 

Our wildlife and conservation policy makes sure that all your interactions with creatures and habitats will prioritise their wellbeing. Our environmental partnerships go far beyond offsetting — we actively participate in projects that sustain biodiversity in some of Asia's most vulnerable biomes.

We work directly with local NGOs and charities, so that your holiday spend is invested where it's genuinely needed most.

We've already joined the "Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency" campaign and regularly take the platform in panels and podcasts to encourage fellow travellers to up their ethics game.