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A tailor-made honeymoon in Asia is a fantastic opportunity to tick that dream ticket off your travel wishlist. This is your chance to explore truly fascinating places together - not to mention luxuriating in hotel classes and travel treats that you might not normally consider!

While your wedding ceremony (eek!) will be shared with family & friends, your honeymoon is just for you. It’s your time to relax in style and privacy after living in that pre-wedding spotlight for so long, and it deserves to be as personal and special as the rest of your celebration.

We know that for some couples a honeymoon is all about retreating to a bungalow over the ocean, surrounded by tropical sands - and if you want to spend two weeks in the Maldives, Selective Asia can certainly arrange it for you. But how about hitting the nightlife in Tokyo, or witnessing sunrise at ancient Borobudur? This is your chance of a lifetime to really travel, explore a destination (or three!) together, and actually get to know a new country. After creating thousands of honeymoons, our preferred approach is to help you truly make the most of yours.

However you choose to spend your honeymoon, we’ll ensure it’s based on your interests, preferred travel style, and where you want to go. We'll help you make the best use of your budget, so that none of it is wasted on things you don't love.What’s more, our experienced Honeymoon Specialists will take all the hard work off your plate. While you two focus on planning your perfect wedding day (double-eek!), we’ll get to work crafting your ideal bespoke honeymoon.We’ll start by having a comprehensive chat with you to make sure every detail is carefully chosen to delight you both. All the behind-the-scenes stuff will be taken care of, so that once you’ve strutted down the aisle and into the departure lounge, the only thing left on your to-do list will be 'relax'...

What you can expect from a Selective Asia honeymoon? 

  • A unique honeymoon that's privately guided & 100% tailored to your tastes

  • A dedicated Destination Specialist who'll organise your dream honeymoon from start to finish (meet the team here)

  • Every detail entirely within your control, but all the hard work taken off your hands, letting you focus on the fun stuff (including your wedding plans!)

  • Insider knowledge from Asia specialists who've seen first hand which rooms have the best views, when the scenery is most beautiful, and which places aren't all they're cracked up to be

  • Private expert guides and professional drivers throughout your trip

  • The maximum for your money, across a range of budgets

  • Optional extras such as VIP Airport Lounge passes & chauffeur-driven cars to the airport