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Tell a friend - our referral incentive

We pride ourselves in our service and delivering memorable experiences for each of our clients, and we know that you already tell your friends about your Selective Asia holiday, and we want to make sure you know how thankful we are for that - nothing beats word of mouth, especially for a small and niche team like ours.

To do so, our Tell a Friend referral scheme so that when you share your holiday anecdotes and experiences with your friends and they end up booking a holiday of their own with us, we’’ll send something special your way to say thank you.

What’s in it for you?

On top of a really nice conversation and seeing your friends having a holiday of a lifetime, we’d like to thank you too, for helping us spread the word. We think offering you money off your next holiday isn’t the most thoughtful way to show our gratitude, so instead we’ve got a few options for you to choose from:

Choices of charity:

We’ve selected a small range of charities that we know first-hand and have seen the significant impact their work makes.

Wildlife: Animal Asia
Environment: World Land Trust
Social & humanitarian: Mines Advisory Group
Social & humanitarian: Turquoise Mountain

How it works

Please ask your friend or family member to let us know that they’ve been referred by you when they first get in touch, providing us with both your name and email address. Alternatively feel free to make the introduction directly to us yourself and we’ll take it from there. Once a booking has been made, we’ll then be in touch with you directly. We do this once a month (usually around the beginning of the month), so please allow us some time.
Once we’ve contacted you, you will be able to choose between making a donation to one of our select group of charities (options above) or receive a Dishpatch voucher for an delicious dinner to help you bring back memories of your own travels in Asia.

Incentive award only activates when your referral confirms a holiday booking with Selective Asia.