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Travel visas for Asia

Many visitors to Asia will have to obtain an entry visa to one or several of the countries they are visiting. In almost all cases, the process is very straightforward.

If you are applying for your visa before leaving for your trip:

You will likely be arranging an e-visa online, however there are still some exceptions that will require you to attend the embassy in your country of residence in person (or use a visa service on your behalf). We will be able to advise you of the best approach when confirming your booking.

If you are obtaining your visa on arrival at an airport of at a land border:

Remember to check the guidelines and requirements well ahead of travel and have several passport photos with you, taken recently and of a good likeness. You will likely need to pay for the visa with US $ and the notes should be crisp and new.

Important information about your passport

You must travel with a valid passport that will remain valid for at least six months after the end of your trip. In addition, ensure that you have enough free space/pages in your passport for the purpose of your trip. As a general rule, you will need one clear page per visa required.
For countries that do not require a visa, you will need space for entry and departure stamps.
Always check your passport is in good health well ahead of travel, giving you plenty to time to renew it if required.

It's essential to...

Not leave your visa enquiries to the very last moment. This can prove to be very costly and at times may be unsolvable. It is important that you check at the time of booking or with the relevant embassies in your country of residence that the guidelines we provide are applicable to you.