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How it works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3(and 4 & 5)

Whilst we certainly didn't set out to reinvent the wheel, we've always felt that there is a correct way to travel, and to deliver great travel experiences. This begins with a fresh canvas for every client...

1) It starts with a chat

In order to design a trip that's perfect for you, your Destination Specialist will want to get to know you - learn what makes you tick, and what makes your toes curl. Ideally we’ll do this via a Zoom appointment, giving your chosen specialist time to prepare a presentation just for you. However, we know this approach is not for everyone and we’re very happy to progress over the phone instead. If you live nearby and prefer to work more personally, then why not meet your specialist in person at one of our favourite Brighton cafes?
We're not only talking about your budget and preferred hotel standards - we love hearing your ideas, your hopes for your next trip, and what's gone well (or not so well) on previous travels. It’s these details, little insights, that allow your specialist to design a great trip as opposed to a really good one.

2) Honed to perfection

Once your Destination Specialist has an insight into what makes you tick they can make personalised suggestions, recommending specific routes, activities, places of interest and hotels, and ensuring every detail is carefully considered. They'll draw on their own extensive experience and the combined knowledge of the team, making sure you benefit from our collective insight (without having to explain yourself to multiple people). We encourage you to feed back on the ideas as much as you like, and your dedicated Specialist will tinker with your itinerary until we’ve hit the bullseye.

3) Start thinking about what to pack!

With the hard work done and the details confirmed, your Specialist will stay on hand before, during and after your trip for anything you may need. You'll receive your responsibly produced travel pack in good time to digest it thoroughly ahead of your departure.

4) Smooth operator

The moment you arrive at your destination, you'll be met and transferred to your hotel. From then on you'll be in the very capable hands of our local Selective Asia team - your guides and drivers, of course, but behind the scenes a network of support and operational staff who are busy making sure that everything goes to plan. And if, as occasionally happens, the plan has to change, they'll quickly get things back on track while you carry on enjoying your travels.

True to form, Japan is the exception, and we work differently here, fitting our travel ideology around its distinctive rhythms and systems. Your specialist willlbe happy to explain.

5) Home again

On your return home, we’re always keen to find out how things went. We send a survey, which is a great way for us to receive structured feedback (good and bad!) which we can learn from and share with our local teams. We also love hearing about it all in person, and welcome a chat to gain insight into what really worked for you, and perhaps - if you were being picky - what you would have done differently.

Unlocking closed doors: a word about our guides

A great guide often makes the difference between a good holiday and an extraordinary one. Our expert local guides are selected for their ability to bring your travel experiences alive, and take you to places that most guidebook researchers haven't even heard of yet. We pride ourselves on using only the best guides working in any given region; we've travelled with them ourselves on numerous occasions, and many have become close friends.

As members of their local community, they provide much more than facts and directions: they're the key to truly getting 'under the skin' of your destination, unlocking otherwise closed doors, translating impromptu chatter, and allowing you a real insight into their home culture.

We understand that balance is required - that whilst you will want the many benefits your guide will bring, you're likely to feel smothered if they're with you for too much of your holiday. Your Destination Specialist will discuss this with you when they create your itinerary, ensuring that along with your privately guided highlights, you'll have plenty of time to explore independently and relax with your loved ones.