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Weather & when to go: June

Our best destinations in June

South Korea

June is an ideal month of the year to visit South Korea, as spring gradually morphs into summer. The heat is rising - but it is still bearable - and the monsoon rains of July and August are yet to arrive. If you are planning to explore the great outdoors, or enjoy some time on the beach, then June is a good month to pick. You can expect average temperatures of 20-22°C and there is none of the humidity that sets in during the height of the summer...

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Whether you’re there for trekking in the fresh mountain air, or immersing yourself in the spiritual ambience of its temples and monasteries, June is a wonderful month of the year to visit Tibet. Some rainfall can be expected at night, but it’s mostly caught by the mountains before it reaches the plateau. Cloud cover can obstruct the views at times, but in general you can expect gorgeous summery weather...

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June in Borneo sees hot and dry weather conditions throughout, and with minimal rainfall. Whether you plan on trekking, wildlife spotting or just relaxing on the beach, June is an excellent time of year to visit Borneo.   

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The tables are now fully turned with the western and central Indonesian islands now getting all the attention, with Bali, Komodo, Lombok, Flores, Java and the Gilis expecting sunshine…

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In June, the east coast of peninsula Malaysia continues to enjoy plenty of sunny dry days, along with perfect sea conditions for snorkelling and diving. The west coast islands will be experiencing hot and humid conditions, along with heavy downpours but these are usually short-lived and can bring a welcome relief to the humidity.

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Also expecting good weather conditions in June

Sri Lanka

The south-west and south coastal areas of Sri Lanka, as well as the Tea Country, remain under the influence of the summer monsoon in June, which is blowing in from the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. The winds hit the hills, creating increased rainfall in the west and along the south coast, although this is not as high as the previous month…

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Whilst far from guaranteed, the chances are that the rains will start across much of Thailand in June, and with it the humidity will also be on the rise. Temperatures remain high and, at least initially, the rain is likely to come in the form of short downpours, with periods of good weather expected throughout much of the day. On the beach, temperatures remain high and whilst the west coast is expecting rain, the east is likely to stay predominantly dry...

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June is still a good month to travel in Vietnam. It’s a slightly mixed bag in the north and south, however the centre of Vietnam has now hit peak temperatures and remains dry and bright. The south ...

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Rainy season is on its way in June, predominantly in central and southern Japan albeit in short sharp bursts. Still a great time to dive though and if you’re open to a bit of rain heading to Okinawa towards the end of the month allows some beach opportunities. Just to add a little confusion to the plans though Hokkaido is now enjoying the driest month of the year with warm weather and sunny days making it the best time to see the Cherry Blossom in this area.

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By June rain is expected throughout Laos. Temperatures remain high (Luang Prabang & Vientiane avg temp: 25°C, further south avg temp: 27°C) ensuring that much of the time the rain is short lived and quickly replaced by blue skies and brilliant sunshine. In the south the rain can last longer and be more constant. Despite the rain June is a great month to visit Laos as plenty of sunshine is still expected and the visitor numbers are far lower than in previous months...

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Destinations with mixed weather conditions in June


With the monsoon starting to hit top gear by the end of the month June isn't the ideal month to visit Nepal. Heavy showers can be expected on most days, especially in eastern parts of the country. Many trekking trails are slippery and muddy, and the vast Himalaya is often hidden by low cloud. With both the temperature and humidity climbing, low level areas can be hot and sweaty with temperatures of 35°C not uncommon. If you're in Nepal in June, stick to sightseeing and make the most of the early morning when everything is fresh and bright after the overnight downpours...

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Destinations expecting poor weather conditions in June


June is not an ideal time of year to visit Bhutan. The monsoon season is on its way, and more frequent, heavy showers can be expected, especially in southern parts of the country and later in the day. Trekking terrain becomes muddy, and those fabulous mountain views are sadly often enveloped with cloud. The temperature and humidity are also on the rise, which can be uncomfortable at points...

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June promises premium trekking and cultural touring conditions in the north, making it an exciting time to lace up your boots and get into the foothills. Elsewhere it’s wet or too hot. Or both!

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By June rain can be expected throughout Cambodia. Temperatures remain high (avg temp: 28°C), and humidity can reach 70% during the day. However the short, heavy showers help break the humidity making life a little more comfortable.

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Certainly a month of change, as summer makes way for the south-west monsoon, bringing cooler temperatures and more rainfall. In reality June is often a very pleasant month to travel in Myanmar, as the weather can remain relatively dry and the sky-high temperatures of the past few months are subdued. Showers tend to be relatively short lived, increasing in intensity leading up to July.

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