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A guide to street food in Asia

Early morning phở and donuts gobbled greedily from a plastic stool in a moped-filled Hanoi alleyway. Mom-and-Pop operations serving freshly-caught ‘fish of the day’ from Thai beachside countertops. Steaming-hot takoyaki juggled precariously amidst the Dotonbori melee. Eating locally is always one of the best ways to discover how a destination ticks, and delving deeper into street food has become an essential element of enriching travel, particularly in Asia. But what exactly defines street food, and what makes it so special?

street food in india
Asia Food Street food Asia

Celebrating Bhutan

Unique is a horribly overused word in travel commentary, and yet here we are - Bhutan is utterly unique. Not so much in its landscape (Nepal’s is comparable in many ways) nor its spirituality, as nations of many faiths can fairly lay claim to similar levels of commitment and belief. Its nuances, language, and cuisine are all ‘unique’, but there’s nothing unique about that. So what is it that makes it so special?

Bhutan prayer flags

Walk on the Wild Side

Imagine sitting in a jeep, wrapped up against the early morning chill, in the middle of the savannah, grassland or forest landscape. You hear the bark of a deer which, as your expert naturalist whispers to you and your fellow travellers, is a sure sign that a Bengal Tiger - the national animal of India and one of the biggest wild cats alive - is close by.

A journey covering three different parks, all located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh help explore some surprisingly diverse scenery, see myriad bird and animal species, and hugely increase your chances of spotting one of these elusive big cats…

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India Journey Safari Wildlife

Taste Vietnam

The way to Vietnam’s heart is definitely through its stomach.

Vietnam’s vibrant culture is brought into sharp focus through its food. From fresh, fragrant pho in the north to the rich comfort of com tam in the south, each corner and region comes to life via its flavours, and every bite enriches your understanding of Vietnam’s story. Let our local guides lead you to the very best foodie finds.

This is a country that wears its pride on its plate in an enormous diversity of dishes. To the newcomer, the wealth of choice can feel quite overwhelming, and this is where our local guides come into their own.

Having chatted with you about your dietary likes, dislikes and needs, and your foodie hopes (and fears!), they’ll take you to the very best eateries and, perhaps most importantly, encourage you to push your culinary boundaries and discover new dishes.



Indonesia islands

Sailing Indonesia

Sail around Indonesia on a traditional wooden phinisi combining laid-back onboard ambiance with routes to some of Indonesia’s most intriguing corners. Moor up overnight next to the smaller, less-visited islands. Go ashore first thing in the morning, and enjoy being the only ones on the beach. Dig deeper into the rhythms of island life, explore their symbiotic connection to the sea, and dive into some of the most phenomenal snorkelling in Asia…

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Indonesia journey sailing

Train from Beijing to Lhasa

This epic 40-hour trip from Beijing to Lhasa takes you through vast open country peppered with bustling towns. Share your journey with other travellers across the language divide, and feel yourself shift from one world into another…

view from the train approaching Tibet
Tibet Experience