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Explore a hand-picked selection of our favourite journeys, articles, experiences and special places to stay in Indonesia. Not one to be read in a rush, it’s time to grab a cuppa, and see where it takes you…

Mollucas islands

A Hint of Spice

There’s ‘getting away from it all’ with modern convenience at your fingertips, and then there’s really getting away from it all.

In Indonesia’s farthest eastern quarter sit the Molucca islands and Raja Ampat (just off West Papua’s north-western tip) - about as removed from urbanisation as you can get; wild, timeless and utterly beautiful. Whether you’re a dedicated diver who’ll go those extra miles to see extraordinary underwater worlds, or a keen traveller who just wants to look over every horizon, this sprinkling of islands is bucket-list wish fulfilment to fan the flames of your wanderlust.

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Indonesia Journey Spice Islands

Snorkelling in Indonesia

Pull on a pair of fins, position your mask and snorkel, and wade into the gently-lapping sea… Depending on where you stay, you can access this underwater wonderland from secluded shoreline spots, from your resort beach, on a day trip by boat, or even on a longer boat-based journey through the seas surrounding Indonesia’s incredible islands.

Raja ampat
Indonesia Snorkelling Indonesia

Private island escapes

Discover Indonesia’s secret island hideaways

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Indonesia Experience
Sulawesi festival

Ritual Union

Wandering through Sulawesi can open your eyes to a different facet of Indonesian culture: the slow-paced, steadfast rhythms of rural life; striking, boat-shaped Tongkonan houses; intense death rituals and exuberant warrior dances. Taste fiery seafood dishes served as fresh as its possible to be from beachside pop-ups, track tiny tarsiers in Tangkoko nature reserve, canoe through Sengkang’s stunning karst cliff landscape, and dive into Bunaken’s underwater beauty. There’s no pretence here, and no tourist-centric sheen, just genuine, unspun moments which bring this extraordinary island into full focus.

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Indonesia journey Sulawesi