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Our journeys through Indonesia

These are some of our favourite routes in Indonesia, which we hope will help kick-start your planning. We tailor each and every holiday to suit you and your preferences - you call the shots, and we make it happen.


A Tale of Two Islands

Java & Bali, Indonesia

Price from: £2,090 US$2,490
Ideal length 13 days
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Sunrise at mount bromo

Smoking Gunungs

Java & Bali, Indonesia

Head on an adventure exploring Java’s volcanoes . Witness the sobering power and beauty of these primal giants, and see how they still influence the daily rhythms of the archipelago. This route involves a fair bit of hiking, some longer and more challenging journeys, and a few eye-wateringly early starts, but by choosing the less-obvious path you’ll get to see this part of Indonesia from an extraordinary angle.

Price from: £1,690 US$2,090
Ideal length 13 days
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Indonesia islands

Sailing Indonesia

Eastern & Central Islands

Travelling by sea shows you Indonesia from a whole new angle and it gives you both the flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace and discover some of its most secluded and remote shores.

Price from: £3,190 US$3,890
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Komodo Island

Indonesia Encompassed

Java, Kalimantan, Bali & Komodo

From cruising the jungle waterways of Kalimantan’s rainforest and spotting orangutans, to soaking in the culture in Java to a few days relaxing on Bali and Komodo island - this is a trip full of beautiful contrasts in Java, Kalimantan, Bali and Komodo.

Price from: £3,590 US$4,390
Ideal length 17 days
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Mollucas islands

A Hint of Spice

West Papua & Southern Spice Islands, Indonesia

Explore the Spice Islands and West Papua and its wild and timeless beauty.

Price from: £3,190 US$3,890
Ideal length 14 days
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Sulawesi festival

Ritual Union

Sulawesi adventure, Indonesia

Open your eyes to a different facet of Indonesian culture: the slow-paced, steadfast rhythms of rural life in Sulawesi.

Price from: £1,790 US$2,190
Ideal length 13 days
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