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In order to comply with data protection laws that will be introduced at the end of May 2018, we’ve re-written our Privacy Policy to make it easier to read and understand, and to make sure we’re clear about why and how we collect your data, how long we intend to keep it, and the measures we have in place to keep it highly secure. If you have any questions at all about its contents, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].

If you book your holiday with us, we will have to tell your guide what your name is, or they’ll really struggle to meet you at the airport. We’ll also need to share essential details with our suppliers (hotels, conservation projects etc) in order to make sure your holiday runs like clockwork.

If you’d like to know exactly which data we collect, why we need it and how we store it, please visit our Privacy Policy page. If you have any questions at all, please write to [email protected]

We haven’t automatically signed you up to any mailing lists. Before you start celebrating, this means that (unless you’ve signed yourself up) you won’t receive InspirAsian, which contains a mix of news about Asia and our own new travel products. We put a lot of love into InspirAsian, which we like to think is a good read, ideal for a bit of mid-afternoon procrastination.

We never bombard anyone with marketing material, and we only get in touch when we have proper news to share. InspirAsian is sent at most once a month. If you’d like us to stay in touch, you’ll need to give us permission to do so. You can change your preferences or ask us to delete your data at any time. Unsubscribe from emails, or write to [email protected] about anything else.