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Purpose and Values

Our values are clear and our purpose is set. We are no ordinary travel company.

For us, travel is one of life's great privileges — one that should never be taken for granted. It’s about taking things slow — giving yourself time for thoughtful curiosity. Time to immerse yourself in your destination, get closer to the ground, and feel your way to greater understanding. 

Years of focusing on company growth taught us that the endless pursuit of "bigger" does not lead to "better". Instead, we found ourselves trying to please everyone, and consequently shy about sticking up for what we stand for. Creating opportunities for this sort of travel takes time, boundless curiosity, and strong principles, which is why we choose to focus on better, not bigger. But how do we achieve this?

We organise ourselves without hierarchy

Our autonomous and self-organising structure means that you’ll always be dealing with a decision maker and at a time that is mutually convenient.  We innovate together, informed by clear shared values, and with equal influence — this means we all fully believe in what we offer. We find that happy people design better holidays — so the result of our freedom is outstanding quality for you. 

Ed in Komodo

We value client contentment more than £s & $s

Our love for the places and people we visit is real, and travel is a chance for us all to exchange true wealth — personal stories, alternative ideas, challenging realities, fresh answers, and the means to live well and long. This pursuit of better travel for everyone's sake means putting people (pssst, that means you too) before profit. That's why we approach you with the frankness of friends, giving unbiased advice to make sure that you're truly happy with your holiday. It's also why we limit our annual bookings, so we can devote quality time to creating the highest possible value for you.

Earth and its inhabitants are always put first

True sustainability balances the needs of community, habitat, and economy, in a way that makes life better now without ruining things for future generations. Selective Asia has always picked this path, and we're determined to stick to it, no matter how tricky the terrain becomes. We prefer to have the difficult conversations, and make the inconvenient changes — if we don't, there'll be nowhere left worth travelling to. We develop confidence and clarity with every step, and look for the lessons in our mistakes, striving to do better at every turn.

Our definition of success is uncommon

An organisation's performance should be measured by far more than sales or margins. We place equal value in qualities that don't fit so well into spreadsheets — your satisfaction, for instance, our own happiness, how well we meet our social responsibilities, and how successfully we deliver on our commitment to the environment. We measure all this by placing feedback, audits and thoughtful evolution at the heart of how we work. We regularly check that we're taking nothing (and nobody) for granted, and invest substantial energy in mutually respectful partnerships that are successful for everyone.

Our values

We're a fun loving, down-to-earth bunch, but we take our travel seriously. Rather than follow trends, we prefer to consider before we travel. Driven by a heartfelt passion for people, and a good nose for high quality, genuine culture and adventurous experiences, we love to share our discoveries with like-minded travellers.

(We like to)
Keep it slow
Great things are never rushed, whether we're carefully considering the design of your holiday, or encouraging you to slow the pace to ensure that every moment of each trip truly counts.
(It's crucial that we all:)
Tread with care
This planet is just a little bit important to us, as are the cultures we learn from and the communities we visit.
We're always striving to keep our footprint light and make sure that travel is a force for good and positive.
(Respect boundaries, but:)
Make connections
Explorers at heart, we're always seeking fresh paths and new opportunities for cultural connection. We take a considerate approach in this work, ensuring that we always put communities and cultures before profit.
(We are:)
We work differently. Following our ingrained kaizen philosophy, we're a closely connected, small team of experienced and resilient individuals working efficiently and effectively together. No departments or sluggish bureaucracy - just smart synergy and progressive thinking.
(Take pride in:)
Mutual respect
We might be pleased with the awards we've won (they are always nice) but we're proud to be part of the team we've built, in Brighton and overseas; of the care we put into our work, and the lengths we go to deliver truly exceptional travel.
(We are always:)
Whether it's aromatic banh xeo on a bustling Hanoi side street or the savoury steam of momos on the Tibetan Plateau, we love to let our stomachs take the lead on our adventures, and you can always depend on us to recommend a perfect little spot for lunch...