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Weather & when to go: April

Our best destinations in April


April is a great time for a Bhutan holiday, especially if you’re planning to trek. Expect favourable weather, fantastic visibility and only sporadic rainfall - temperatures begin to rise as the month goes on.

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South Korea

April sees the arrival of the South Korean spring. With its low rainfall, mild weather and the flowering of cherry blossoms, this is one of the most popular times of year to visit South Korea. Bear in mind that the winter is only just finishing so temperatures can still be bracing, particularly in the hills and mountains. Temperatures in Seoul can still dip below freezing but often hit 8°C; whilst Jeju Island and the southern coastline experiences average minimum temperatures of 6°C and maximums of 13°C... 

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The good weather continues across the country, with temperatures rising and the chance of rain still low. Temperatures across the country approach their peak in the north with Chiang Mai experiencing temperatures in excess of 30°C and Bangkok and central regions expecting the thermometer to reach high 30’s°C. On the beaches of the south the story is the same...

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Good news in April as Tibet reopens to foreign travellers following the New Year celebrations. More good news: by now spring is in the air, and rising temperatures are rapidly melting the snows of winter away. The Tibetan scenery is particularly picturesque in April, with wildflowers in bloom, and unmatchable views of Mount Everest in the clear, sunny skies. April is the start of peak climbing season on the world’s highest mountain, but it’s also the perfect time for trekking around Mount Kailash, or exploring Tibet’s many historic temples, monasteries and holy lakes...

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April takes us towards the end of Vietnam’s very peak season from a weather perspective however this can come with the numerous advantages associated with lower visitor-numbers. Whilst the north is now heading towards its hot, wet summer you can still expect plenty of dry days. The beaches in the centre of the country are still at their very best and whilst rainfall starts to become more likely in the now very hot south; clear dry days are more prevalent.

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April is an excellent time of year to visit Borneo. Days are typically warm and dry, with minimal rainfall and light winds. What's not to like?! You can take your pick of Sabah and Sarawak; jungle or beach (or both!).

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April is the ideal time to visit Japan. Beach resorts opening up in southern Okinawa and the continuation of Cherry Blossom season in locations such as Kyoto this is a great time to start exploring and even spring skiing enthusiasts have options in Hokkaido. 

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April is traditionally the hottest month of the year in Laos. Temperatures in Vientiane and Luang Prabang hover around 30°C whilst further to the south it is closer to 36 °C.  Towards the end of the month showers become more likely as the wet season approaches although these tend to be infrequent and short lived...

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Myanmar in April has some of the highest temperatures of the year. Visitor numbers are still at their highest, and it is therefore advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.

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Also expecting good weather conditions in April


High season for visiting Nepal is autumn, but April makes a good second choice. Sure, the weather isn't quite as good and visibility a little obscured due to haze at low levels, but there are far fewer tourists. Additionally, spring flowers are in full bloom and the wildlife viewing is excellent. Daytime temperatures are pleasantly warm in the mid-20s, on the plains they're higher and can hit 30°C. Rain is always a possibility and at altitude you'll need warm clothes in the evening...

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Sri Lanka

April is certainly amongst the best months for travel in Sri Lanka, although as you head towards May the western and southern coasts, as well as the more central Tea Country, will start to receive a steep increase in rainfall. Throughout the month the beaches in the south and west are still expecting plenty of sunshine and on the east coast it’s also good news, with plenty of sunshine expected.

It’s a similar story in the Cultural Triangle, with temperatures heading towards the mid-30s and very little rainfall. To the south, Kandy and the hills of the Tea Country are expecting rainfall well below their monthly average...

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Whilst key sites are feeling the heat in April, the lower visitor numbers make for a better travel experience. The Himalayan region offers the perfect respite for trekking enthusiasts…

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April is one of the hottest months of the year in Cambodia, with average temperatures of 35°C. Chances of rain are still low, although the odd shower close to the end of the month is to be expected with rainy season just around the corner.

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Nearly a full house of dry weather in April, and all eyes turn to the holiday islands of Bali & Lombok, as well as their central neighbours as they each start to have their moment in the sun…

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April is one of the best months to be in Malaysia as both coastlines of the peninsula expect good weather. April sits within the transitional period between monsoons, meaning winds are light and showers are localised and infrequent. Through the centre and up in the highlands, the rains are much heavier but these are normally short lived and bring a welcome relief to the humidity...

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