India weather & when to go: April

April overview

It’s heating up across India during April. Daytime temperatures in the high 30’s can be experienced throughout Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, and in the cities of Delhi, Varanasi and Calcutta. Humidity levels are also on the increase. The heat and lack of rain makes April a good time of year for wildlife spotting in India’s national parks as animals gather around watering holes. To escape the heat, head to Shimla, Manali and the hill station resorts in the north.

April's weather in detail

Kashmir & Himalayas

April is a great month for visiting Manali, Shimla and India’s far north. It's late spring and the days are hot and sunny. There's rarely rain and skies are clear. April is an ideal month for trekking, mountain biking or if you're feeling brave paragliding through the majestic mountain scenery. It's also ideal for visiting Corbett National Park where migratory birds create spectacular bird-watching opportunities.

Kerala, Goa & the South

The temperatures in southern India in April are beginning to climb. By midday they're often into the low 30’s. It’s ideal beach weather in Kerala and Goa with little in the way of rain, but a bit hot and sticky for too much temple tramping. You're best off starting early or heading out late afternoon for seeing cultural attractions - or head for the higher altitude hill stations of the Western Ghat mountains where the cooler weather is ideal for hiking.

Mumbai & central India

You won't see any rain in April in Mumbai and the rest of central India. Temperatures tend to be in the low 30’s, climbing a few degrees higher inland. If you don't mind a little heat April is a great time of year to visit central India. Game viewing opportunities in the national parks are excellent now that the greenery has died back a little and animals are congregating around waterholes.

Rajasthan & the Golden Triangle

By April, the heat in Rajasthan and the north of India is really beginning to pick up after the cooler winter months. It's very common to encounter temperatures in the mid 30’s. Big cities like Delhi can be sweltering. If you come ready for the heat and plan your trip to avoid the hottest parts of the day, April is still a rewarding time of year to visit with fewer tourists around too.

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