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India's capital is, without doubt, one of the world's greatest cities; eight settlements merged into an incredible smorgasbord of sights and cultures, which you could easily spend several weeks exploring. Old Delhi has an atmosphere all of its own, crammed with interesting nooks and crannies alongside the imposing citadel of the Red Fort and the exquisite Jama Masjid mosque. The grand, British Raj-era buildings of New Delhi are without parallel: architecturally awe-inspiring and the ultimate depiction of colonising power. The city also has a strong modern, cosmopolitan side, with dining and shopping to match the world's best.

Three things to do in Delhi

Obviously there's a lot more, this is just to get you started...

A first time for everything

Landing at Delhi Airport for the first time you might feel nervous, or at the very least unprepared. After all, doesn’t Delhi have a bit of a reputation? Isn’t it polluted, congested and somewhat overwhelming? Yes, but it's so much more, and that makes it the perfect introduction to India. In a single day you can leapfrog centuries of history, marvel at wildly varying styles of architecture, visit the holy places of numerous religions, sample delicacies from far and wide, and (believe it or not) even find a tranquil space for a relaxing stroll. Time in Delhi is time well spent and will set you up to make the most of your stay in India.

Red fort, delhi

Eat the four corners of India

An undisputed highlight of traveling around India is the food. Not only is it likely to be very different from most of the ‘Indian’ dishes you’ve tasted at home, it changes vastly from region to region. As somewhere to get a first taste of the sheer variety of cuisine the country has to offer, Delhi is unparalleled. Vibrant street markets display the multicultural effervescence of the capital, with vendors from all over the country congregating to sell snacks and delicacies and, if you’re looking for fine dining, many of the country’s top restaurants will be on your doorstep. This is a city where you really can eat your way around the four corners of India.

Delhi streetfood

Masterji Kee Haveli

If Delhi is the perfect introduction to India, then a Masterji Kee Haveli tour is the ideal introduction to the city. Old Delhi comes to life through both the history of the families who live within its havelis and its current day to day rhythms. See things that would be easily missed by anyone but an insider, and learn answers to questions that you never knew you’d want to ask, such as ‘how do all those shops selling such similar goods right next door to each other make any money?’ Once everything has become clear, head to the beautiful Masterji Kee Haveli, where one family of Old-Delhiites have lived for generations, to enjoy a mouth-watering traditional meal.

Delhi Haveli

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Take your best shot at spotting wildlife with an itinerary that includes not one but three different parks, all located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This allows you to explore some surprisingly diverse scenery, see myriad bird and animal species, and hugely increase your chances of spotting one of these elusive big cats.

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Ideal length 13 days
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