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Every trip to Thailand is different, and this remarkable country's knack for reinventing itself keeps on surprising even veteran Selective Asia team members who can recall that mythical ‘like Thailand 20 years ago’. We rarely meet a visitor who isn’t eager to see more.

Whether you’re taking your first holiday in Thailand or your tenth, it can include your ideal balance of beautiful beaches, rural relaxation, ancient culture and urban buzz… all before we mention the food. Add in fabulous hotels and top-notch service, and you can understand why Thailand is still a showstopper, even after decades in the Asia travel limelight.

Legendary beaches & islands

Thailand’s beaches have mythic status for a reason. The Thai tourist authority is careful to ensure that while some have grown into fabulous places to party, others remain tranquil and reserved, with every flavour in between. Whatever you’re after — be it soaking up the sea air, sinking into 6-star splendour, dozing in a beachside cabana, retreating to a spa, getting sporty in the water, splashing with the kids or wandering a rural coastline — we can show you a Thai beach that’ll suit you down to your sandy toes.

The buzz of Bangkok

Most Thai holidays start or finish in the capital, a heady humid metropolis with a buzz of ‘what next?’ thrumming tirelessly along its busy pavements. We’re hard pushed to name a city that tops it on the fun scale: the streetside bars, riverside restaurants and spectacular roof-top watering holes are amongst the best and most stylish you can find anywhere, and the food is one of the world’s greatest cuisines. The art, historic and spiritual sites are typically breathtaking, and the shopping is liable to seduce even the most reluctant buyer.

A gentle rural pace

Northern Thailand has a different pace entirely, with gorgeous green landscapes offering many opportunities for rural adventure. Take your pick from tea-plantations and riverside camps, mountain treks and elephant conservation, farm stays and hidden luxury. Rural regions such as the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai are best known and full of options, or try mountainous tea-growing Fang, where you can get hands-on with village life. 

Mind-blowing food

The quality of Thai cookery is simply several cuts above most other places, making it easy to get a fantastic meal. You'll find that flavours and techniques shift with the landscapes as you travel across the country. As a rule, the hottest dishes are in the north, while the laid back south is kinder on the palette. Dishes change from town to town, too, let alone north to south — there’s much pleasure to be had in wandering the foodie markets to discover what's different at each step in your journey.

Captivating history

Thailand’s intriguing history makes a graceful backdrop to daily life, from beautiful architecture to the traditions that travel down the generations. Potter back in time at archaeological parks such Sukhothai, the template for ‘classic’ Thai aesthetic with its wonderful temples and monuments. 800 year old Chiang Kham offers an alternative ‘ancient town’ experience to popular Chiang Mai, or head to Kanchanaburi to find the railway that bridges the River Kwai (alongside an adventure traveller’s paradise that is conveniently close to Bangkok).

Things to love in Thailand

What to do in Thailand: Discover more with our hand-picked experiences & highlights
Elphant Hills, Thailand

Elephant Hills & the Rainforest Camp

A classic light adventure all-rounder, Elephant Hills is not your average camp. During your 3 day programme, you'll sleep in safari-style tents (one set on a floating platform close to the banks of Cheow Larn Lake where gibbons chatter in the morning), you'll kayak, trek & explore this picturesque corner of Thailand. And then there's the elephants...

Petanque with the locals in Laos

Tea picking in Fang

A chance to take your foot off the gas and let life catch up with you. The sleepy town of Fang offers the perfect crash matt, encouraging you to get a little dirt under your fingernails as you slip into northern Thailand's rural ways. Help out in the tea plantation & enjoy lunch in the home of new friends before returning to the cosy Phumanee Lahu Home Hotel for a well-earned rest.

Learn the Art of Eight Limbs at a Muay Thai masterclass

Learn the Art of Eight Limbs

Centuries old and steeped in warrior culture, Muay Thai is a thrilling martial art that has long played a prominent part in Thai folklore and is considered by many to be Thailand's national sport. 'Enjoy' a thankfully non-contact class and demonstration before taking a ringside seat at one of Bangkok's famous Muay Thai arena's.


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What makes Thailand tick?

  Food, glorious food!

Everything about the Thai culture is intertwined with food, and we don’t blame them. Most Thai dishes artfully balance sweet, bitter, salt and spicy flavours.


It never fails to amaze us that there are 13 different smiles in Thailand, each with a different meaning – not all of them positive! Hence its nickname, ‘the land of smiles’.


The Thai word for Bangkok has more characters than any capital city in the world. Too many to fit in this small box!

 'Venice of the East'

An old nickname for Bangkok, due to the network of canals that connects the city for trade and transport.


Thailand is the only country in South-East Asia to have never been colonised.


In Thailand, it’s rude to point your feet at people or Buddhas, as they are seen as dirty. It’s also forbidden to touch anyone on the head, which is the holiest part of the body. 


In Thailand, it’s rude to point your feet at people or Buddhas, as they are seen as dirty. It’s also forbidden to touch anyone on the head, which is the holiest part of the body. 


Going commando in Thailand is against the law… as is driving shirtless! 


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