Thailand Holidays

This Buddhist kingdom became one of the ‘mainstream’ destinations in Asia long ago, but Thailand’s ability to constantly re-imagine itself, and to surprise and delight even long-in-the-tooth visitors like us, apparently knows no bounds. We’ve been travelling there since our backpacking days, and can testify that a second, third… tenth trip is very much worth the airfare! In fact, Thailand does such a good job at enchanting travellers that it’s rare to find anyone who’ll settle for just one visit.

Holidays in Thailand score highly on many levels, with top-notch service, fabulous hotels and charming, friendly people - it’s not known as ‘the land of smiles’ for nothing. All this is superbly matched by diverse activities and experiences which range from the simple delights of beachcombing to truly off-the-beaten-track exploration through rugged terrain and hill tribe communities.

There’s no better place to start (or finish!) than Bangkok. This heady metropolis doesn’t just throw off travel clichés with effortless ease; it reinvents them. Yes, the traffic is every bit as bad as you’ve heard, but give it the time it deserves, and this city will reward you tenfold. We know very few cities that top it on the fun scale! Bangkok’s bars, restaurants and spectacular roof-top watering holes are amongst the best and most stylish you can find anywhere, with food that is famous as one of the world’s greatest cuisines (always best washed down with a Singha or three). The historical and religious sites are most often breathtaking in scale, colour and grandeur, and the shopping is liable to seduce even the most reluctant buyer.

Thailand’s islands and beaches, of course, prove another irresistible draw. The choice is so impressive that there seems to be a corner of the Andaman Sea or Gulf of Thailand tailored to just about every traveller, whether your priority is spa pampering, the ultimate Thai honeymoon retreat, backpacker chic (yes, such a thing exists!), or diving in spectacular marine parks.

And then there’s northern Thailand - chilled out Chiang Mai, and the Golden Triangle, a rural region where scenic mountains and tropical forest provide the setting for a culturally diverse place to meet local tribes, venture into stunning National Parks, visit small towns still mostly unaccustomed to the sight of westerners, and become enchanted by Thailand's stunning natural beauty.

Our Destination Specialists have travelled extensively in Thailand and across Asia, researching the best hotels, sights and activities - read more in our Thailand travel guides. You can also visit our ‘when to go’ pages for the best time to visit Thailand based on weather and climate, or get in touch with one of our tailor-made Thailand specialists to discuss your travel plans.