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Explore a hand-picked selection of our favourite journeys, articles, experiences and special places to stay in Thailand. Not one to be read in a rush, it’s time to grab a cuppa, and see where it takes you…

24 hours in Bangkok’s unexpected art scene

Brighton-based artist Lee Baker shares his recent discoveries in Thailand's art world in this guide to exploring Bangkok’s best galleries and art scene...

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Rural Thailand

A Taste of Thailand

Whilst the SA team don’t always agree on the merits of a destination or their current favourite experiences, there’s no disagreement when it comes to discussing repeat visits to Thailand. We all agree that ‘you’ve never done Thailand’. This all-rounder journey is a great way to discover it for the first time or become reacquainted with an old friend.

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Tea picking and community living in Fang

It’s easy to see why visitors fall in love with Fang at first glance. This enigmatic town, surrounded by clusters of wooden houses, between lush forest and dense tea plantations on the serene hillsides of northern Thailand, seems infused with an idyllic clarity. Step into the centre, and the cool mountain air gives way to a community warmth that envelopes you with a sense of immediate belonging…

As soon as you step into the streets of Fang, you’ll notice the sense of peaceful purpose. The blanket of mist, which perennially surrounds the town, insulates it from external noise, bringing out the inner hum of a self-sufficient population going about their daily business.
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Island Hopper

Much as we love a real ‘bells and whistles’ trip, sometimes simplifying things brings the greatest rewards. This is an uncomplicated journey that contrasts Bangkok’s bustling, frenetic metropolis with a dose of old-school island hopping. We don't often do a simple ‘city and beach’, but this route suits our take it slow ethos, and the hidden gems are too good to miss. Fill your senses with the vibrancy of Thailand’s extraordinary capital, then head to the coast to grab an ice cold Chang, feel the sand between your toes and watch the sun set over some of the country’s least-known and most stunning beaches. The trip works both as a standalone, or as a great add on to a wider exploration of Thailand or Cambodia. 

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