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Explore a hand-picked selection of our favourite journeys, articles, experiences and special places to stay in Nepal. Not one to be read in a rush, it’s time to grab a cuppa, and see where it takes you…

The rhinos of Nepal

We were excited to find that Nepal is home to a well-managed population of Greater One-Horned Rhinos, many of whom can be seen on jungle walks in Chitwan National Park. Find out more...

Rhinos nepal
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A trek in Nepal

Veteran high-altitude trekker and Nepal regular Mike Martin describes one of his first experiences of trekking from Lukla along the Everest trail, in Nepal...

Trekking in Nepal ranges from easy-paced walking on good trails with an abundance of tea houses and lodges available for refreshments and accommodation, through to tough high altitude trails with no infrastructure and basic camping in a harsh environment. What they have in common is that they are all in spectacular settings.

Whichever style I choose, I always go with the support of a local sirdar and porter team. A good mantra for Nepal is to expect the unexpected – and embrace it as extra interest and excitement for your holiday. And this approach is far more possible when you’re working with an experienced and knowledgeable sirdar who knows the locality, and the idiosyncrasies that make things work - and takes responsibility for sorting any issues that arise. Sukman proved to be such a person.

Nepalese Community Homestays

A central part of our ethos is getting you close to the ground in the countries we operate in. This means forgoing many hotels’ designer branded amenities and instead unearthing some of Nepal’s finest home comforts among local people and their communities.

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