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Explore a hand-picked selection of our favourite journeys, articles, experiences and special places to stay in Bhutan. Not one to be read in a rush, it’s time to grab a cuppa, and see where it takes you…

༡ བློ་སྤོབས་བསྐྱེད་བཅུག་ནི། སེམས་ཤུགས་བསྐྱེད་བཅུག་ནི། ༢ སེམས་སྐུལ་འབད་ནི།

Festival fever in Bhutan

Bhutan is famous for its flamboyant festivals, known locally as Tsechus, which are typically held in honour of Guru Rinpoche, the most important Buddhist figure in Bhutanese history. These celebrations play a crucial role in preserving the kingdom’s rich culture and traditions.

As with festivals world-wide, tsechus are also an excellent opportunity to socialise with family and friends. There’s a holiday vibe, with people dressed to impress in their finest traditional attire, plenty of food sharing and catching up on the latest news.

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Bhutan prayer flags

Celebrating Bhutan

Unique is a horribly overused word in travel commentary, and yet here we are - Bhutan is utterly unique. Not so much in its landscape (Nepal’s is comparable in many ways) nor its spirituality, as nations of many faiths can fairly lay claim to similar levels of commitment and belief. Its nuances, language, and cuisine are all ‘unique’, but there’s nothing unique about that. So what is it? What makes Bhutan so special..?

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Foothills of Bhutan

Discover Bhutan with our Foothills in Bhutan journey - begin your travels in Paro, where you’ll enjoy the surrounding valley’s beauty and culture, before flying east and gradually work your way back via some of Bhutan’s most striking locations, including Bumthang’s green fields, the sheltered Phobjikha valleys where the Black Necked Cranes land, and find peaceful moments in monasteries and temples before ending your journey on a high with a couple of days’ trekking…

crossing the river at Gangtey
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Trek to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan

According to legend, the founder of Bhutanese Buddhism, Guru Rinpoche, arrived on the back of a flying tigress to meditate on the mountainside for three years, three months, three weeks and three days. Taktsang Monastery was built in the 1600s to mark this celebrated event, and has been a key pilgrimage destination ever since.

Taktsang Monastery or Tigers Nest
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Walk the Trans Bhutan Trail

Far from the distractions, traffic jams and interruptions of day-to-day urban life, Bhutan is a tonic; its pace and ethos an antidote to the challenges and ills of modern-day living.

Bhutan has quietly dug the pathways and laid the stones to rebirth the Trans Bhutan Trail: an ancient route running 250 miles across the kingdom’s pristine countryside. The opportunity to walk this legendary path, set to become one of the world’s greatest trekking trails, is now here, for the first time in a generation.

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