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The future of tourism - what is the true cost of viable travel?


Now that the world is back in its tourism stride, countries are scrambling to try to balance the books and make travel more sustainable. Many governments are implementing or increasing visitor taxes to recuperate lost earnings and strengthen their resilience.

Celebrating Bhutan


Unique is a horribly overused word in travel commentary, and yet here we are - Bhutan is utterly unique. Not so much in its landscape (Nepal’s is comparable in many ways) nor its spirituality, as nations of many faiths can fairly lay claim to similar levels of commitment and belief. Its nuances, language, and cuisine are all ‘unique’, but there’s nothing unique about that. So what is it that makes it so special?

Keep on growing - levelling up lockdown skills on your travels


The hobbies and interests that many of us have nurtured during our collective confinement have been much-needed silver linings to the heavy Covid cloud. We’re keen to inspire you to keep that momentum going, especially when we do eventually get to embark on those long-awaited travels - now is the time to take those new-found skills to the next level. Hold your newest obsession in your mind as you start to plan your next trip to Asia. We can’t wait to help you get back out there.

Birding in Bhutan: bird watching in the Happiest Country on Earth


Peppering your holiday in Bhutan with unique birding opportunities is a great way to see the landscape from a new angle, and gives you the chance to experience some of Bhutan’s finest festivals.

Festival fever in Bhutan


Bhutan is famous for its flamboyant festivals, known locally as Tsechus. Gemma shares a few of the most exciting and interesting tshechus that are taking place in 2019...

Planning your Bhutan holiday around its festivals


Whenever you visit Bhutan you’ll find a festival in full swing somewhere, so here are a few tips for planning your trip around the best of each season’s festival fever…

A guide to food in Bhutan


Gemma didn't know what she'd be eating in Bhutan - 'Bhutanese food' hasn't really made it to Western shores the way other Asian cuisines have taken off. Here's what you can expect...

Trek to the Tiger's Nest, Bhutan


We're confident that a trek to the Taktsang Monastery, aka the Tiger’s Nest, will blow you away, even if you've spent hours researching Bhutan. Gemma visited on a research trip before we launched Bhutan as a destination...

What makes Bhutan the happiest country in the world


Gemma explores the remarkable state of general happiness that she witnessed first-hand on her first trip to Bhutan. What makes the Bhutanese so happy? Read on to find out...