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A view from afar: Honesty around sustainability

Nick Pulley | 29th September 2022

The future of tourism - what is the true cost of viable travel?

Nick | 15th June 2023

Now that the world is back in its tourism stride, countries are scrambling to try to balance the books and make travel more sustainable. Many governments are implementing or increasing visitor taxes to recuperate lost earnings and strengthen their resilience.

Celebrating Bhutan

Nick | 14th June 2023

Unique is a horribly overused word in travel commentary, and yet here we are - Bhutan is utterly unique. Not so much in its landscape (Nepal’s is comparable in many ways) nor its spirituality, as nations of many faiths can fairly lay claim to similar levels of commitment and belief. Its nuances, language, and cuisine are all ‘unique’, but there’s nothing unique about that. So what is it that makes it so special?

When travel isn't possible. A harsh reality, and what can we do to help?

Nick | 29th January 2021

Our hope in sharing this article is to learn what you think about a value that's been core to Selective Asia since we began: our collective responsibility to protect the communities and habitats we travel to.

Farewell, 2020 - We're ready for the next one

Nick | 31st December 2020

As the longest year of our lives finally draws to a close, we are beginning to look back through a year littered with extreme emotions. There have been far too many sad farewells, from stories of personal loss to heartfelt goodbyes with long-time colleagues, and leaving behind our lovely Selective Asia office after a period of heavy stress. Thankfully those days in March, spent urgently extracting clients from around Asia, are starting to become a distant memory. Along with the rest of our industry, we had to be quick to adapt. We shut down much of our operation, as did our partners and colleagues across Asia.

10 unprecedented days in the travel industry

Nick | 18th March 2020

Selective Asia's founder Nick shares an insider's view on life in the rapidly disintegrating travel industry during the COVID-19 outbreak

The impact of tourism

Guest author | 27th September 2017

2017 is the UN's 'International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development'. It’s an awkward title, but it has spurred an important conversation; there’s a lot more to be done to protect the countries and habitats that we love. Selective Asia’s regular writer Suzie, who grew up in a tourist destination (albeit not one quite as exciting as Asia) explores what it means to be a ‘good tourist’.


Top LGBT festivals in Asia

Louise | 19th January 2017

These are some of the better-known and biggest LGBTQ festivals in Asia, along with a couple of the smaller events that caught our eye...

10 trends for travel to Asia in 2017

Gemma | 23rd August 2016

From a newly discovered ancient wonder to brand new culture, the Selective Asia team predicts the most interesting Asia travel trends for 2017...

Returning home: how to hang on to your travel high

Nick | 27th January 2014

Do you get back from holiday full of beans, only to slump into old habits within a fortnight? We look at how to sustain that travel high after a trip...