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Borneo wildlife: looking beyond the orang-utan


The critically endangered orangutan has become the poster-child for vulnerable species in Borneo, but when asked to explain why its habitat should be protected, many people struggle for logical reasons. We looked to some of Borneo's other species for the answers...

Team travel journal: Steve visits Orou Sapulot in Borneo


Our Borneo Specialist Steve tells of his spectacular visit to the remote Orou Sapulot community-based tourism project in the remote rainforest...

Team travel journal: Martin in Borneo's Kelabit Highlands


Today's blog will detail Martin G's adventures in Borneo's Kelabit Highlands, and you will soon find out that they did not disappoint...

5 top places to see Borneo's wildlife in its natural habitat


To help you plan your wildlife holiday to Borneo, we've narrowed down the best places to see the island's famous creatures in their natural habitat.

6 superb short adventures in Malaysian Borneo


Here are six of our favourite adventure experiences in Malaysian Borneo, chosen because they're excellent but also compact and adaptable...

Sabah's natural delights


Lionel and Karl visit Borneo's eastern state of Sabah to discover more about the incredible wealth of natural delights the region has to offer.