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Hanami: Japan's Sakura Blossom Season

Andrew | 1st April 2021

Pops of cherry blossom are beginning to appear across most temperate countries thanks to gifts of Sakura trees from Japan over the centuries. These days, they are a ubiquitous symbol of early Spring across the world, but we dare to ask… given the choice, where would you rather be: sat under a tree in Brighton with your meal deal triple sandwich, grab bag of crisps and can of ready-mixed G&T, or under another sky, a Japanese one, next to a delightful specimen of Prunus Yedoensis, being seduced by an exquisitely prepared bento lunch and Japanese craft beer? 

Japan Summer Games 2021 - An update

Andrew | 15th January 2021

After the extraordinary year that was 2020, we’re relieved to be looking ahead to something that feels extraordinary in a positive sense. As we write, Japan is pushing forwards with holding its rescheduled summer games in 2021: a historic second attempt at the Olympics. 

Team travel: cycling Japan's Shimanami trail

Nick | 15th August 2019

Nick visited Japan to cycle the famous Shimanami Kaido trail, which crosses several islands in the country's Inland Sea. Here he is describing the journey... 

Team travel: Sarah visits Naoshima art island, Japan

Guest author | 2nd August 2019

7 of the best honeymoon destinations in Japan

Guest author | 13th February 2019

Five romantic honeymoon hotels in Japan

Guest author | 13th December 2018

Whether you're retreating to the mountains for a hot spring soak, or indulging your inner urbanite with a pied-à-terre in a fascinating city, our Japan Specialists can recommend the perfect hotel for a truly romantic honeymoon...

Japan's Matsuri festivals

Andrew | 8th November 2018

Alongside the major national holidays, most Japanese towns and villages have unique matsuri festivals which highlight their history, heart and soul...

Japan: sake for beginners

Guest author | 17th May 2018

You heard it here first - sake is the new gin! A few of the Selective Asia team headed out (all in the name of research, you understand) to taste a selection of sake, and dig a little deeper into this slow-burning international sensation…

2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan

Stephen | 23rd February 2018

We'd hate to pass up an opportunity to give you the advantage, and we do try to tackle things head on, so our resident flanker Stephen has tailored an exclusive Rugby World Cup 2019 itinerary, based around the England Group Games with plenty of world class sight-seeing in between.

When and where to see cherry-blossom in Japan

Suzie | 14th February 2018

Cherry-blossom viewing is one of Japan's most famous things to do in springtime. Here's our guide to staying in the pink during the annual blossom season...


Selective Six: luxury ryokans

Guest author | 28th December 2017

Relaxing and romantic, traditional ryokan inns are an essential experience for any holiday in Japan. Our Destination Specialists have selected six of their favourite luxury ryokans...


6 ways to celebrate Christmas in Japan

Guest author | 13th December 2017

Although it's not a public holiday or a big religious celebration, the festive season in Japan is full of the holiday spirit, making Japan a great destination for an alternative Christmas break.


12 ways to enjoy winter in Japan

Kate | 1st December 2016

Whether you fancy the novelty of skiing in Asia or a cosy hot spring spa in a superb snowy landscape, a winter holiday in Japan will warm you up in style...


A local's guide to Kanazawa

Annie | 20th October 2016

Selective Asia's Japan expert Tom tells Annie what it's like to live in Kanazawa, and how you can make the most of this historic Japanese city when you visit.


Onsen dos & don'ts

Annie | 13th April 2016

Our quick guide to onsen etiquette will help you brush up before you take the plunge!