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Life in the wake of Covid: Cambodia


During this series, we will share stories of resilience, innovation and just day-to-day life straight from our friends in Asia.

On the road: planning a cycling holiday in Cambodia


Cycling in Cambodia offers something to suit everyone, from irresistible trails for keen riders to easy paved routes amongst the temples. Here’s our pick...

Suzie's first impressions of Cambodia


‘Before my first ever trip to Cambodia, I was so focused on travel prep that I didn’t really sink into the pure unadulterated pleasure of ‘I’m going on an adventure!’ ..

The transformation of Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, has doubled its population in the last two decades. The city has transformed: modern towers are thrusting skywards, and investment pours in from across Asia and the corporate world. The city’s astonishing growth shows no sign of slowing, so we asked the PP residents in our Cambodia office to tell us what it’s like on the ground.

Selective Six: Cambodian hotels with cool back stories


Six fascinating places to stay in Cambodia which have all come about because someone took that leap and dared to make their ‘traveller’s dream’ a reality.

Exploring Cambodia's North-East


One of Selective Asia's UK team inspects some of the far flung corners of Cambodia. He claims it wasn't a holiday - we have our doubts!

Cambodia's up-and-coming South Coast


Selective Asia's Nick joins Valit to explore the up-and-coming south coast of Cambodia. All they have to do is decide how to travel.

Deep dive into Angkor

Kate Goulson

We’ve put together this deeper look at the best of Angkor to help you to get the most out of your visit, explaining what you can expect, showcasing alternatives to the cookie-cutter excursions, uncovering immersive experiences nearby and offering up some of our favourite properties in the area that tick all the right boxes.