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Welcome to the Departure Lounge, where you will find a range of useful travel and Asia information and the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. This section of our website is written by our team of experienced travellers and is the place for you to find essential pre-departure information.

Before you travel

Whilst within the Departure Lounge you will find a selection of essential pre-travel information pages, we would like to particularly draw your attention to the Health & vaccinations and Travel money pages.

You will also find a brief synopsis of the passport, visa and entry information here, however there is a more detailed version on your travel documentation, You must also always check the most up-to-date information, a week before your departure, on the Foreign Office Travel Advice website.

While you're away

We take pride in offering a complete end-to-end travel experience. Our service doesn't finish when you pay your deposit. We'll stay on hand in the run up to your holiday, and with the assistance of this Departure Lounge we will provide you with all the information and answers to queries you may have.
Within your final travel pack and/or App you will also find our local in-country contact details (available 24 hrs), as well as all necessary flight documentation, and the airline ticket reference numbers you will require for your online check in procedure. 

On your return

We want to know how your holiday went! Whether you're showering us with compliments or suggesting things that could do with adjustment. We're constantly striving for perfection, and your feedback is an invaluable part of this process.