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Jungle adventure at Elephant Hills

Heading deep into the Thai tropical forest for a unique safari experience, you’ll meander down the Sok River in a canoe piloted by your own guide, drinking in the beauty of the distant limestone mountains and rainforest that surrounds you for as far as the eye can see. The highlight of the trip, however, has to be the time you’ll spend with Elephant Hill’s approachable community of Asian elephants.

Elephant Hills
Elephants playing in the mud
Kayaking in Kao Sok National Park

The Elephant Camp offers a diverse programme of activities, from kayaking, snorkelling and light trekking, to lessons in Thai cookery - perfect if you want your kitchen to be filled with the heavenly smells of a genuine Thai meal once you return home. Depending on your choice of programme, you may also take a traditional longboat trip across stunning Cheow Larn Lake, which is framed by towering limestone karsts and dense rainforest.

You'll get the chance to meet the local mahouts, who care for all the rescued elephants that call the camp home. Enjoy a unique opportunity to interact personally with the elephants, helping to prepare and serve their food, before supervising a messy bathtime! You might want to take a step back to avoid getting drenched as the elephants enjoy rolling about in the water, but you’ll soon be hosing them down and watching them play in their mud pool. 

Stay overnight at Elephant Hills, which is a luxury safari camp, and add a night or two at the Rainforest Camp if you can. We think that the latter, with its marvellous setting at the edge of Cheow Larn Lake, is an absolute if possible. Ten top quality safari tents with en-suite bathrooms, pitched on wooden pontoons that are moored to the shore, and powered only by solar and wind energy - this is adventurous eco-friendliness at its comfortable best.

On land at the Elephant Hills camp, your tent may look like a typical African safari tent from the outside, but inside you’ll find exceptional attention to detail - a remarkable level of comfort given that you’re in the heart of the forest. And all retaining a Thai influence, with the tents and their contents locally crafted, and of course the sounds of the many birds and primates in the jungle all at close hand.

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