India weather & when to go: October

October overview

October marks the end of monsoon season and the return of warm, sunny days. Average daytime temperatures range from 20°C in the country’s far north, to 30°C in the southern states of Goa and Kerala, and 34°C in Delhi and Rajasthan. Despite favourable weather conditions, peak visitor season is still a month away, and tourist sights are less busy than they will be in the up-coming months. In essence, October is an excellent time of year to visit India.

October's weather in detail

Kashmir & Himalayas

With the rains of the monsoon now well and truly over, the weather in Shimla and the rest of Himalayan India is very pleasant in October. Daytime temperatures are hot but not baking, typically around the mid-20’s. Rainfall is minimal at this time of year.

Kerala, Goa & the South

After the downpours during the summer months, Kerala and Goa are beginning to bask in the sunshine again. You might get the odd burst of rain, but this won't hang around and once it's gone there's a wonderful freshness to the air. Tamil Nadu by contrast is entering one of the wettest months of the year. Having said that it’s not wall-to-wall rain. Come with a brolly and raincoat and you can still make the most of its cultural attractions in temperatures that are quite a bit cooler than the baking months of mid-summer.

Mumbai & central India

With the rains of the monsoon now well and truly over, central India's October weather is very pleasant. Daytime temperatures hover around 30°C - hot but not unbearable - and it rarely rains. October is 'shoulder season': an attractive combination of decent weather with far fewer visitors than the November to January high season.

Rajasthan & the Golden Triangle

With the rains of the monsoon now well over, northern India with its remarkable fort cities, ornate palaces and spectacular wildlife is ideal for visiting in October. It's a shoulder season month, with decent weather but fewer visitors than the peak months of November to January. Daytime temperatures are pleasantly warm hovering around 30°C and it hardly rains at all.

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Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

 Durga Puja

The biggest festival of the year in Kolkata. The festival culminates in a huge parade when homemade statues of the Goddess Durga are carried through the streets and immersed in the Hooghly River. 17th – 26th October 2020

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