India weather & when to go: May

May overview

It’s seriously hot and uncomfortably humid across much of India in May.  The exception is the country’s far north, including the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where average daytime temperatures hover around the high 20’s and humidity levels are much more bearable. If you can stand the heat, May offers excellent value trips to India.

May's weather in detail

Kashmir & Himalayas

May weather in Shimla and surroundings is hot and sunny with only a slight chance of rain. It's a great time of year for trekking through the glorious mountain scenery or enjoying a peaceful yoga retreat. Lower places like Jammu and Rishikesh are a little hotter, but if you make the most of the cooler mornings and late afternoons you will be fine.

Kerala, Goa & the South

By May, you're into pre-monsoon season in Kerala. Humidity is building and there's more chance of rain. At lower altitudes it's hot and sweaty by mid-afternoon with temperatures in the mid-30’s in Tamil Nadu. Whilst rain is a definite possibility in Kerala, you're less likely to encounter it until June in Goa. Tamil Nadu gets its main rainfall towards the end of the year and it's often pretty dry here. Clouds can sweep rapidly across the skies producing sudden sharp downpours. But after the rain comes coolness and respite.

Mumbai & central India

May weather in Maharashtra and the rest of the central Indian states is hot. Inland in places like Nagpur and Bandhavgarh, the mercury climbs into the high 30’s. Mumbai remains several degrees cooler thanks to the coastal breezes. May is a pretty good month of the to visit central India, with far fewer tourists and great game viewing opportunities if you don't mind the heat. There's a slight chance of rain towards the end of the month.

Rajasthan & the Golden Triangle

May weather in Rajasthan and the Golden Triangle region can be summed up in one word: hot. There are few places to escape the 40°C heat and travel at this time of year is pretty challenging. Heading up into the Aravalli mountains is one way to cool down and on the plus side the searing temperatures makes spotting wildlife in the national parks much easier. Hotels prices also tumble at this time of year.

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