Bhutan weather & when to go: May

May overview

May in Bhutan brings increasing humidity levels, a higher chance of rain as the month goes on, and the likelihood of cloud cover at high altitudes. However the heavier rainfall doesn’t tend to arrive until June. Visitor levels drop off slightly this month, making May a good time of year to visit Bhutan.

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May's weather in detail

People are watching the skies in May. The monsoon season is not far off, and there are early traces of what’s in store, including greater humidity and an increased chance of rainfall. Nevertheless May is a good time of year to visit Bhutan. Visitor numbers are lower, but there are still plenty of pretty wildflowers around, and even though there is a risk of cloud cover impeding the views in the mountains, you can often get lucky and catch a real breathtaker. Showers are becoming more frequent, and are most likely to occur in the afternoons and evenings. In keeping with the sense of change in the air, May sees Bhutan’s entire population of monks leave their winter residence in Punakha to take up residence in Thimphu for the summer, a long caravan of cars heading west. Sensible monks. The temperature in Thimphu in May tends to be much cooler, averaging around 22.5°C, compared to around 29°C in Punakha.

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Our comprehensive Wonders of Bhutan holiday will take you deep into the ‘last great Himalayan Kingdom’ - a magical and fascinating place quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Rich in culture and Buddhist tradition, this remote country boasts a breathtaking landscape dotted with ancient monasteries and dzongs, untainted by commercialism and modernity.

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Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

 Monk Processions

On the first day of the lunar month, Bhutan’s entire body of monks embarks on a snaking procession through the mountains from Punakha to the summer residence in Thimphu. Locals crowd alongside the route to receive a blessing.

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