India weather & when to go: August

August overview

Monsoon season continues across much of India during August, although it’s not quite as wet as July. Whilst heavy downpours are still frequent in the southern states of Goa and Kerala, August sees almost half the level of rain that fell in July. Daytime temperatures range from 21°C in Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim to 35°C in Delhi and Rajasthan.

August's weather in detail

Kashmir & Himalayas

It's mid-monsoon season in August in India. But in most parts of the far north, there's sunshine between the showers and temperatures are very manageable, so a visit is quite feasible. Srinagar in particular remains pretty much dry. The exceptions are Dharamsala and Jammu both of which experience a lot of rain in August.

Kerala, Goa & the South

The monsoon rains in Kerala and Goa have reached their peak by August and are slowly beginning to subside. Whilst you'll certainly encounter plenty of showers, this is a good time to visit for culture creatures: Kerala's famous snake boat races and Onam, the most important festival of the year, take place this month. Tamil Nadu is drier and hot so exploring its temples and Colonial cities like Pondicherry makes sense - as well as lazing on its sandy beaches.

Mumbai & central India

It's the monsoon season in August across much of India. It’s not the best time of year to visit Mumbai and the rest of central India: there are prolonged downpours and humidity levels are high. The national parks are closed, so game drives aren't possible either. Rajasthan and the Golden Triangle are considerably drier, so they might be a better bet.

Rajasthan & the Golden Triangle

Whilst it's mid-monsoon season in August, the spectacular sites of the Golden Triangle and the rest of Rajasthan are all open and a visit at this time of year can be really rewarding. The rainfall in this part of the country is actually relatively light, there are far fewer tourists and prices for accommodation are lower too. It's quite hot with temperatures in the 30’s and humidity levels can be high.

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Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

 Independence Day

A national holiday celebrated annually on 15th August. Celebrations take place throughout the country, with the largest parades held in Delhi.


Annual harvest festival held in Kerala celebrated with snake boat races & Theyyam performances. 22nd Aug - 2nd Sept 2020.

 Ganesh Chaturthi

An 11-day festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god. 22nd Aug – 1st Sept 2020

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