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Tibet weather & when to go: August

Tibet August weather overview

August is usually considered a good time of year to visit Tibet, but it’s worth remembering that this is the height of the rainy season, with precipitation of around 125mm over the course of the month. This can play merry havoc with travel, especially off the beaten track where there is a risk of flooding and landslides.

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Tibet weather & when to go

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August’s weather in detail

Many exciting festivals take place across Tibet during August, including the popular Shoton Festival, which involves operatic performances at the Norbulinka Festival, and locals presenting monks with bowls of homemade yoghurt to reward them for their penance during July. Sporting events are also commonplace at this time of year, with the Nagchu Horse Racing Festival being the most spectacular.

It’s pleasantly mild across Tibet in August, with temperatures ranging from 9°C to 22°C, although it gets much colder after the sun goes down. The Holy Lakes, always beautiful, are particularly attractive under August’s often moody skies, and on the occasional clear day you’ll still get a staggering view of Mount Everest.

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prayer flags over Everest

Aim for the Summit

Trekking across the ‘roof of the world’ in Tibet, at an average elevation of 4,500m, is and adventure hard to beat. It’s not the easiest destination to get to, but the unparalleled rush of standing in one of Earth’s rawest landscapes is like nothing else. 

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