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South Korea weather & when to go: August

South Korea August weather overview

The South Korean summer is in full swing in August. Expect high temperatures that push the mercury close to 30°C and very high humidity levels. July’s torrential monsoon rains continue throughout August, so be sure to pack your rain gear. 

South Korea weather & when to go

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August’s weather in detail

As the South Korean summer heat and humidity continues into August, this is a time to seek out air-conditioned spaces in Seoul, the lofty mountains of Seoraksan National Park, and southern coastal resorts, such as Busan and Jeju Island, that offer a refreshing breeze.

Monsoon rains can be expected throughout the country, providing South Korea with more than half of its annual rainfall during the months of July and August. There is also a limited risk of typhoons, although these mainly affect neighbouring countries, with South Korea sheltered by the land masses of China and Japan. A couple of typhoons reach South Korea each year and, although these have not caused major problems in recent years, there is the possibility of landslides in hilly areas and a few extremely wet days as they wend their way across the country.