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South Korea weather & when to go: July

South Korea July weather overview

The South Korean summer which arrives in July may not be exactly the summer you envisage. As the temperature rises, so do the humidity levels. This means that monsoon rains are also to be expected - indeed, more than half of the annual rainfall will plummet from the skies in July and August.

South Korea weather & when to go

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July’s weather in detail

July heralds in the arrival of summer in South Korea, with humidity levels and temperatures rising across the country. Highs of 27°C can be expected on occasion in Seoul during this month. he breeze on the coast offers a welcome respite from the heat, and the loftier mountains of Songnisan and other National Parks in the interior also benefit from cooler air. 

July is also typically the wettest month of the year and torrential monsoon rains can be expected. Thankfully South Korea is sheltered from the typhoons that can hit this region during the summer months. The sheltering masses of China and Japan, however, do still let in a couple each year. These have not caused major problems in recent years but can create landslides in the hills around Seoul and generally a few extremely wet days as they blow over the country.