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Tibet weather & when to go: November

Tibet November weather overview

November in Tibet is beginning to get a lot colder as winter approaches, with temperatures plummeting well below zero at night and most of the lakes freezing over. In the daytime it can be anywhere between -5°C and 13°C depending on where you are in Tibet and your altitude, but the intense UV rays mean it still feels quite warm, and there is a good chance of sunburn.

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Tibet weather & when to go

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November’s weather in detail

Visitor numbers are tailing off, as unfavourable weather conditions make travel beyond the cities difficult. The snowy landscapes are, however, quite stunning, and there is very little rainfall by now, with clear skies allowing exceptional views of Mount Everest, and comfortable temperatures at least in the day.

November is a good month to explore some of Tibet’s many hot spring resorts, such as the one at Tidrum Nunnery, around 75 miles from Lhasa. The bubbling hot waters are said to cure all manner of skin complaints and muscle aches, and provide a warm respite from the chilly temperatures.

Inspiration: Trekking in Nepal

prayer flags over Everest

Aim for the Summit

Trekking across the ‘roof of the world’ in Tibet, at an average elevation of 4,500m, is and adventure hard to beat. It’s not the easiest destination to get to, but the unparalleled rush of standing in one of Earth’s rawest landscapes is like nothing else. 

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