Tibet - Getting to know Lhasa

Lhasa is a tale of two cities. The western side of the Tibetan capital - an unappealing urban sprawl of identikit shopping malls and bulky apartment blocks known to some as ‘Little Sichuan’ resembles many modern Chinese cities. But Lhasa’s eastern section is a different story. Here it's far more traditionally Tibetan - deeply devout, romantic and mysterious, and positively swirling with charm. Rickety whitewashed houses and lamp-lit temples line the backstreets, their low ceilings a hazard to taller visitors, while ancient pagodas perch elegantly on the hillsides. One can easily get lost for hours around the Jokhang Temple and the bustling Barkhor circuit and not regret a second of it. No surprise that it’s here we suggest you focus your time!

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