Nepal weather & when to go: April

April overview

April is hot and sunny on Nepal’s plains and temperatures in the mid 30s are not uncommon. At higher altitude regions, the mercury hovers round 20°C and conditions for trekking are ideal. Rain is always a possibility throughout Nepal in April, with the monsoon just around the corner, and the skies can be quite hazy. Nature is at its most resplendent at this time of year with brilliant spring flowers bursting into life even on higher ground.

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April's weather in detail

April is a popular month for visiting Nepal. The chilly nights of winter are confined to higher altitude locations and the more intense heat of summer is yet to arrive. Kathmandu is a warm 27°C and you'll be unlucky if you get caught in more than the occasional light shower. Trekkers arrive in higher numbers for the better weather, particularly those trekking the Annapurna circuit. Further south, in Chitwan National Park, migratory birds create spectacular bird watching opportunities . There's a definite change towards the end of the month when pre-monsoon rains begin to sweep up from India. There's more humidity in the air and the cities can feel a little sweaty.

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Nepal is synonymous with mountain trekking and boasts some of the most impressive, challenging hikes in the world, but there’s so much more to this land-locked, Himalayan country then trekking. Culture and religion are the bedrock of Nepal and our Ancient Cities of Nepal itinerary delves deeper into the country’s rich, ancient heritage.

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Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

 Bisket Jatra

Celebrated at the start of the Nepali New year, the focus of these celebrations is Bhaktapur. A huge chariot carrying a statue of the God Bhairava is pulled by hundreds of people through the streets and there's a massive tug of war between the town's two main communities. Tongue piercing is a very common ceremony during Bisket Jatra.

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