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Caroline - Selective Asia

Meet Caroline

Fresh out of university, Caroline embarked on a round the world trip in 2011, with Bangkok as her first stop. The onslaught on the senses was overwhelming and a love for Asia was born. After returning to the UK, Caroline started her career in the travel industry exploring North, Central and South America, but always holding a special place in her heart for her first-love: Asia. Since 2014, Caroline has been a Product Manager for South East Asia and loves diving into the intricacies of the culture (and, of course, the food) wherever she goes.

In her words… 

Growing up, family holidays were more about camping in the countryside than hopping on a plane. In fact, my first flight was at age 19 and I have been making up for lost time ever since! After a few European trips during university, I knew I wanted to explore further afield, so I booked a round the world ticket to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. My first stop was Bangkok and the sights, sounds and smells hit me hard - I loved every second.

          “For me, travelling is about immersing myself in the culture, learning a few words, trying the local food and embracing the moment - that first experience in Thailand didn’t disappoint and set the bar high for my future travels.”

I’ve returned to Asia multiple times now, and still get that same rush of excitement and apprehension for what lies ahead. Each place offers so much variety and a unique culture to get to grasp with, which is what keeps me returning time and time again. And the food, of course! 

         “The more I travel in Asia, the more I appreciate taking it slow - allowing extra time to get from place to place, soaking up the laid-back approach to life and slowing down to really get to know the culture.”

Countries visited

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Singapore 


Favourite Asia-related film/ TV series? 

The Street Food series on Netflix is a deep dive into the street food culture across many Asian cities. As a self confessed foodie, this is how I experience a country, and this series really showcases the cultural importance of these locally-run, streetside stalls. 

Favourite experience in Asia? 

I’m a big fan of Asian cities and food, so my favourite experiences involve both. Nothing beats finding hidden gems in winding back streets, where the place is packed with locals and the food is fresh and tasty.

Favourite Asian food? 

This is a very hard question to answer, but my top three (I know that's cheating!) would be dumplings, ramen and Malaysian nasi lemak.