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Sarah - Selective Asia

Meet Sarah

Although she’s too modest to say so, our Sarah is something of a polymath. Her diverse interests have led to dual degrees in psychology and textile design, a portfolio of beautiful artwork, and a love of travel that has grown deeper since joining Selective Asia. Adding another string to her bow with an aptitude for numbers, Sarah first began working in finance as a part-time bookkeeper. Having developed her travel finance career over the years, she now brings all her expertise and experience to her role as Selective Asia’s Finance Director.

In her words… 

‘Travel is a multi-sensory experience - I love stepping out of my comfort zone into a totally new culture, absorbing the sights, sounds, tastes and smells…’

It wasn’t until I started working at Selective Asia that I had the opportunity to travel to Asia myself, and I’ve never looked back. I love the romance of the whole region; the warm, humid evenings, the lights, the food, the hustle of the city, the serenity of dawn in the countryside… Every visit brings a mixture of exciting and interesting and fun and inspiring.

‘I’ve always been a problem solver and really enjoy the challenges of my role within Selective Asia, especially as my day job provides such a contrast to my time in the art studio! I’m excited to be learning about the latest thinking on sustainable and ethical finances within travel and how to incorporate this into Selective Asia and the wider industry.’

When I’m not in the office, I’m often drawing, sketching and taking photos as preparation for my practice as a printmaker. I’m passionate about art in all its forms, especially when it’s influenced by the natural world. Being able to explore Asia through this lens, experiencing the rich arts and crafts in all the places I have visited, is a source of great joy.

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Sarah visits Naoshima 'art island', Japan


Countries visited

India, Japan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand 

Favourite destination in Asia?

It’s hard to choose - I’m pretty confident that I want to live in each place I have visited by the time I leave! If pushed, I would say Japan would be my absolute favourite, due to the diversity of the experience. You can be immersed in frenetic cities, the serenity of the countryside, arts and crafts, culture, the food - it’s a great all rounder.

Favourite experience in Asia?

It’s impossible to pick just one, but I’ll always remember the awe of turning a corner into the Tadao Ando-designed art gallery to view three enormous Monet paintings on display amongst many other delights on Naoshima, which I visited whilst cycling the Shimanami Kaido trail. Another highlight was meeting talented textile designer Aum Kharma at her farm in Bhutan - that was really special. But there’s also the Orchid House at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Khandi, and having supper at sunset on the Mekong River - the list goes on…

Favourite Asian food?

You can’t beat a good bowl of ramen and a chilled cup of sake.