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Cycle Vietnam

Cycling in Vietnam takes you on an exhilarating journey through a gently unfolding symphony of colours, cultures and landscapes. Let the rhythmic hum of cicadas, the aromatic allure of street food stalls and the gentle flow of the rivers create a sensory backdrop to your adventure on two wheels…

Whether you’re after a gentle day on a bike, or want to get ‘lycra’d up’ for a marathon ride, your choices set the pace. Take in the bustling city streets before heading for the serene simplicity of rural villages where a warm welcome awaits. Pedal along the country’s quiet backstreets and rural roads, surrounded by lush rice terraces, towering peaks and the tranquil grace of the sweeping coast

You’ll be accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable guide who’ll take you to parts of Vietnam that visitors rarely get to see. Stop to explore whatever catches your eye, and take a break whenever you wish - you’re in the driving saddle!

Make friends with fellow cyclists and locals as you:

Where to cycle in Vietnam

Mai Chau Valley

Traditional community villages and stilt houses dot the rolling hills, terraced rice paddies and lush green forests that line the valley you’ll cycle through. Don’t plan to cover too much ground - the scenery won’t allow you to rush this ride.


If you want to experience Hanoi as many of its locals do, pedal power is a great way to take in the city. A cycle around West Lake opens up the neighbouring flower gardens and leads on to the historic sites, such as Tran Quoc, Vietnam’s oldest pagoda, and Quan Thanh Temple, one of the city’s four sacred temples. 

Phong Nha 

Blending boating and cycling leads you to the mysterious cave in Phong Na that houses ancient Cham ruins amid its towering stalactites and stalagmites. Back in the saddle, see how the imprint of a different history has left the small beachside town of Dong Hoi littered with craters and bunkers from the American war. Very few tourists pass this way, so you are likely to have the vast stretch of white sands all to yourself for a well-deserved rest.

Hoi An

The well-preserved ancient architecture, historic houses and fascinating cottage workshops make cycling through Hoi An so special. Board a boat to drift along the river to the craft village of Kim Bong, where the carpentry skills behind the town’s buildings are still practised. In nearby Tra Que you can discover traditional gardening methods and sample the local specialty, tam huu spring rolls.

Mekong Delta 

What better way to rock up to a sampan sunset cruise down the flowing waters and riverside villages of the Mekong than by bike? On your way, enjoy close-up glimpses of the rural life of the delta as you dismount to stretch those legs and taste local specialities. Visit a noodle workshop, marvel at the ancient Khmer ruins, and drop in on the water hyacinth weaving community.

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