Fort Hammenhiel Resort

Jaffna | First Class

It’s not every day that one overnights in a former correctional facility, surrounded by the ocean, under the watchful eye of the Navy! But at Fort Hammenhiel this is precisely the possibility!

Built by the Portuguese in the 17th century to guard the entrance to the Jaffna Lagoon, Fort Hammenhiel sits on a small rocky island, a short boat ride from the mainland. Passing through the hands of the Dutch and British over time, the fort is now owned by the Sri Lankan Navy – expect precision timed shuttle boat services - and has been converted into a unique boutique hotel.

On arrival, following the Navy-crewed boat transfer, all guests are welcomed like royalty by bugle-playing guards clad in bright blue, gold-tasselled uniforms before being shown to their room. We hasten to add that accommodation is NOT provided in the former cells, although these are still intact and can be visited. The four air-conditioned guest rooms are furnished in a Colonial style with modern bathrooms and up-to-date amenities, such as satellite TV.

As you would expect due to its location and history, entertainment at Fort Hammenhiel is of your own making! Facilities run to a small library, with the restaurant back on the mainland (shuttle boats run accordingly). The appeal of course is the property’s serene ambiance and its historical significance.

We Say
This unique property will appeal to both history lovers and those looking for some quiet time.


Fort Hammenhiel, Jaffna

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  • Your Accommodation
    • 4 Rooms
    • First class room amenities
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Restaurant & bar located on the mainland

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