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The Mudhouse

North of Colombo

This might be the most unique property we offer, anywhere. It's tempting to say something like ‘it’s not for the fainthearted’, but that really wouldn’t do it justice, as it’s one of the most universally well-received experiences we offer. Each hut is genuinely a one-of-a-kind and just as fantastic as the next; the exhilaration when you first discover where you’re staying doesn’t leave you throughout your time here. Though rustic on a different level, they feel undeniably luxurious with slow pace baked into the mud. 

The huts are open to nature, often with no fully-encompassing walls, and those which are present are made from mud, tree roots and bamboo, all locally sourced and crafted on site. There are hammocks, gratuitously comfortable beds and the reassurance of mosquito nets. Situated deep in the wilderness and surrounded by forest, with nearby lakes sitting within a flat, lush landscape punctuated by rocky outcrops that rise like islands, it’s a proud haven for wildlife. The Mudhouse is a special experience for anyone (how could it not be?) and one that we love to include wherever appropriate.


Located north of Colombo, the Mudhouse makes a show-stopping first stay, ideal before heading into the Cultural Triangle or up to Wilpattu National Park.

A little more detail

  • Slow-cooked local cuisine

  • All activities included

  • Lakeside yoga platform

  • Unique mud-walled bungalows

From a client…

The Mudhouse is an absolute must for anyone visiting Sri Lanka. It was one of our stand-out highlights, possibly the best of the whole trip.

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The Mudhouse Exterior
The Mudhouse
The Mudhouse Bee Eater
Bee Eater at The Mudhouse
Mudhouse Exterior
Mudhouse at dusk
Bedroom at night
Bedroom at The Mudhouse

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at The Mudhouse

Perfect beginnings

The Mudhouse works well for your very first night in Sri Lanka, depending on your subsequent journey - and what a way to begin! Just imagine that: going from the rush and modernity of the airport lounge to staying in a mud hut at the edge of a lake in the Sri Lankan jungle within just a couple of hours. We love it when our clients choose to begin their Sri Lanka experience this way.

The Mudhouse Interior

What can you do there?

All guests are provided with bicycles so they can explore the sandy lanes around the property. You can use the kayaks or paddle boards to explore the lake, learn how to make authentic Sri Lankan cuisine from the chef, and take a walk with a guide along the nature trails. There’s a highly-recommended rock temple to explore just 3km from the property, and a small local town to visit if you want to explore further afield.

The Mudhouse Lake

Sustainable at its Core

As you might imagine, the Mudhouse is fiercely sustainable. Their supportive approach leads them to only employ local people, and either farm all their own produce or buy it as locally as possible. The surrounding land is a labour of love, whether it be regenerating areas with trees, smart water management, or encouraging more wildlife to make it their home. Amazingly, every single piece of furniture on site, from cupboards to beds, tables and chairs, is made on site in the workshop.

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