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Karpaha Sands


Ever since it first opened, we’ve been arranging stays at the excellent Karpaha Sands. Laid back, chic and stylish, this is a resort that we receive consistently glowing feedback on. A hybrid blend of permanently-structured tented bungalows dot the sands, offering secluded accommodation. There are palm trees swaying everywhere, reminding you at every turn that you’re in an Indian Ocean paradise. 

Big canopies, vast sun-shaded areas, low stone walls, art sculptures, day beds, and neutral furnishings all work well to give a sense of relaxation and languid pace to your days. The beach dominates but the tropical gardens add splashes of vibrant colour. A stunning infinity pool completes the picture. The character of the resort is an eclectic mix of styles and cultures, and the selection of suites available has something to suit everyone from couples through to families.


All alone on a stretch of coast just south of Passekudah. Like a lot of hotels on the east coast, it’s wonderfully isolated. Don’t expect to be leaving the resort for dinner!

A little more detail

  • Beachfront restaurant

  • No alcohol licence

  • Spa

  • Private beach

From a client…

Bliss! The staff at Karpaha Sands really made an effort on our honeymoon and we can’t think how it could possibly be better. Thanks again.

Image gallery

Karpaha Sands Aerial View
Karpaha Sands
Seed Suite at Karpaha Sands
Seed Suite at Karpaha Sands
Swimming pool at Karpaha Sands
Swimming pool at Karpaha Sands
Karpaha Suites Lounge
Lounge at Karpaha Sands
Kolaya Suite at Karpaha Sands
Kolaya Suite at Karpaha Sands
Beach at Karpaha Sands
Beach at Karpaha Sands

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Karpaha Sands

Time out by the coast

By the time you get to Sri Lanka’s east coast, you may have already been in the country for a number of days enjoying safaris and rock scrambles and being stunned into silence by beautiful temples and cultural immersion, so few days on the sand fits in very nicely. Karpaha Sands, perhaps more than anywhere, encourages days at leisure with its relaxed feel, sunny sea breeze, beautiful food, and inviting pool. 

The rooms are gorgeous, the food great and the service is getting slicker all the time as the resort finds its niche and confidence. The full-board options also offer particular value for money, and it’s a relaxing change to not have to think about extra in-trip spending.

Karpaha Sands private beach

What can you do there?

We would argue that doing very little is the charm of a stay here, or at least just swimming, eating, chatting and reflecting on your travels. If you’re desperate for more excitement, there are a few local experiences that we can arrange, including cycling and fishing, but honestly, this place is all about the R&R...

Karpaha Sands Suite

Family-friendly Beach Holiday

For families, the Seed Suite two-bedroom bungalow is an excellent option. It's huge and even has a large sandy garden to play in, as well as the whole beach just on the doorstep.

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Price from: £3,490 US$3,990
Ideal length 14 days
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